Lexus LFA Roadster Spotted in Tokyo

Lexus LFA Roadster

From out of nowhere, a Lexus LFA roadster has appeared during a D1GP Drift demonstration at the Tokyo Auto Salon — here’s a couple more photos:

Lexus LFA Roadster Side
Lexus LFA Roadster Rear

Here’s a close-up of the interior, which clearly shows that the roll-bar is made out of carbon fiber:

Lexus LFA Roadster Interior

At this point, there’s no details at all, but judging from the factory-level finish and integration, the carbon fiber roll-bar, and the pure cost of any LFA project car, I doubt the full story will stay a secret for long.

Bonus — the LFA Roadster was also captured on video (appearance starts at :48):

[Source: Car Watch] (Thanks ydooby & Bobby!)