Lexus LFA Roadster Spotted in Tokyo

Lexus LFA Roadster

From out of nowhere, a Lexus LFA roadster has appeared during a D1GP Drift demonstration at the Tokyo Auto Salon — here’s a couple more photos:

Lexus LFA Roadster Side

Lexus LFA Roadster Rear

Here’s a close-up of the interior, which clearly shows that the roll-bar is made out of carbon fiber:

Lexus LFA Roadster Interior

At this point, there’s no details at all, but judging from the factory-level finish and integration, the carbon fiber roll-bar, and the pure cost of any LFA project car, I doubt the full story will stay a secret for long.

Bonus — the LFA Roadster was also captured on video (appearance starts at :48):

[Source: Car Watch] (Thanks ydooby & Bobby!)


  1. Whoa!. I have a gut feeling this was done by a tuner shop. If not, Akio's been holding meng. 
  2. I am really hoping they will built the roadster version.   Don't need a functional top..... much like the 550 Barchetta,  S.A. Aperta....... and say 80 units for the whole world?  Since there are still some allocations left might as well built this to boost sales right?
  3. Best  Roadster  EVER . Can you imagine hearing that V10 roar so close ? yikes and you can really get a good look at that sweet interior ! 
  4. Guys there are citing their reporter in Tokyo that it is just one-off showcar and there are unfortunately no plans for future production.
  5. That car is HOT!
  6. Also. .  The thought of some cutting the top off a LFA makes me cry . . . I hope this was from Lexus.
  7. I think it was a tuner shop as the lexus prototype didn't have a roll-bar... but in any case it looks awesome.  
  8. Maybe it's trying to continue with its pedigree! Convertible like the 2000GT that the old Bond used! Maybe Lexus got smart and had the LFA convertible in the next Bond movie? :D
  9. like we all together said already - it´s a big mistake from Lexus not to build this roadster. Maybe they should think about there decision again. MB SLS roadster, R8 roadster, Ferrari, Aston Martin - hey! Lexus everybody is having such a car in there lineup!!! And we? - Don´t???
  10. super car + japanese + roadster = overdose !!
  12. in my opinion, it has to be a custom chop.  the rollbar wouldnt be there if it was factory since they would most likely stiffen the A-pillars from the factory.  looks sweet, but the rollbar kills it.
    • The rollbar is not intended for rigidity. LFA's carbon fiber shell is already 40% stiffer than aluminum or other metal plus chassis reinforcements are done using braces around the chassis. The rollbar is intended for roll over protection of the driver and the passenger in case the car flips upside down and it does not end up crushing the passengers.
  13. If this was a concept wouldn't it bear the concept LF-A name instead of the production LFA?
  14. nice one.....jim wilson, prestwick.scotland
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  16. Yo

    This suits California
  17. I expect to see it enter production 2 years from now BD