Lexus Europe Announces Special Edition RX 450h

Lexus RX 450h Special Edition

Lexus Europe has announced a special edition RX 450h with a blacked-out bumper color, LED headlights, exclusive 7-spoke 19″ alloy wheels, and an optional panoramic roof — here’s a couple high resolution photos without the glass roof:

Lexus RX 450h Special Edition

Lexus RX 450h Special Edition

Even on a black RXh, the bumper stands out from the exterior color:

Lexus RX Special

I’m a big fan of this look — what would you think if Lexus blacked out the bumpers on every model in the lineup?

Read more about the Lexus RXh Special Edition


  1. I like the blacked out bumper so the spindle grill looks as one cohesive piece. It's what I did to my RX F-Sport by adding carbon fiber vinyl wrap.
  2. In my opinion I like the black bumper, but on a black car the bumper looks better also in black... But I have to admit that many people prefer the other way Lexus should consider make this question an option. Just like we choose the body colour, we could choose the bumper colour.
  3. I wish they'd give the GS this treatment,or better yet speed up the facelift to give it the full spindle-treatment.
  4. RAL

    I like this bumper treatment . . . I think they are already doing this on the LS.
    • Correct. The '13 LS has it darkened like the rest of the grill for the full spindle look. It was the LS that started this, very befitting surely. Of course, the IS F-Sport has the current most uniform full spindle look and that's what we can expect for future Lexus models, at least F-Sport variants
  5. The spindle revolution continues!
  6. I rather the way they did with the IS luxury model none black out bumper and F Sport mod more one piece like the IS
  7. this is what the RX should of looked like without and F sport version
  8. I would love to see more special editions here...
  9. I wish all the US RX's had the Sport bumper standard rather than optional, so it works well here. Looks like Lexus found a good way to get rid of all their old 19 inch wheels from the pre-update model.