2012 Lexus ES 350 Special Edition

Lexus ES 350 Special Edition

Lexus USA has also announced the ES 350 Special Edition for 2012, which will be available in either Stargazer Black or Starfire Pearl and optioned out with these features:

  • 17-inch 10-spoke wheels in Liquid Graphite finish with full-size spare wheel and tire
  • Wood and leather-trimmed steering wheel and shift knob
  • Heated and ventilated front seats
  • Lexus HDD Navigation System
  • Saddle Tan leather-trimmed seats, center console lid and door armrest
  • Brown Walnut wood trim

Here’s a look at the interior (click images for a larger version):

Lexus ES 350 Special Edition Interior

Lexus ES 350 Special Edition Gear Shift

The ES 350 Special Edition will be limited to 2,000 units and have an MSRP of $40,475 when it reaches dealerships in November.

[Source: Lexus USA]


  1. I really like the color of the seats and I think the 10 spoke wheels look so much better than the twin 5 spoke wheels. Is Lexus producing special edition vehicles to mark the end of the current generation and the beginning of the next generation ES and LS?
    • It's sad when Lexus ends a generation, because the cars are still so fresh and can easily compete with newer generations from European rivals..
  2. So fuckin beautiful
  3. Thanks for sharing it's very helpful info for me!
  4. Thanks for sharing it's very helpful info for me!
  5. great post! i eally liked it! thanks for sharing!
  6. Krew there's even a Special Edition ISC. Red seats is the cool factor. Like the SC pebble beach.
  7. The Pic of the car is horrible . . . could you have not taking a better pic Lexus ?    But the interoir is gorgeous. The ES is timeless
  8. So basically this is like any other ES except for the seats...
  9. I think that the interior of Lexus ES need a light restyle to become similar to the other models, like CT, IS and GS. The best one in my opinion is the CT.
  10. I'm quite hate the current ES's center console ... it's quite weird on design & Camry's design (not current one but compare with previous Camry) is much much better . This one might looks luxury but Camry one looks nice & technology-ish ! Hope next ES can be more ... erm , racing-ish or modern-ish .
  11. I think the interoir of this car still looks wonderful and classic