Lexus CRAFTED LINE Special Editions Debut at Pebble Beach

Lexus CRAFTED LINE Interior

The CRAFTED LINE special edition Lexus models were on display this weekend at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance — here are some photos from the Lexus USA Facebook page:

The Crafted Line is a group of special edition vehicles with an exclusive Ultra White/Obsidian exterior and two-tone black/red interior. The LS, GS, RX, ES, & IS are all available with the package.

[Source: Lexus USA]


  1. No love for the ES? :)
    • RAL

      The interior maybe . . . I suppose it is a matter of taste, but the stark black and white just looks cheap to me. Sporty . . . no, Elegant . . . no, Aggressive . . . no, so what??? Cheap plastic models . . . Maybe for luggage, but not a car, especially a premium car. The "crafted line" . . . in what sense? I don't see fine craftsmanship here? What drug are these designers on?
    • I'm just saying there's pics of the IS, RX, GS and LS but none for the ES.....?
    • RAL

      sorry, I should have posted as my own comment and not as a reply to yours.
    • NP :) anyways, they should call this the "Plastidip Edition" :D
  2. A full spindle grille would be nice on the GS.
  3. Don't like the black against the white - makes it look ricer. Would probably look better on Nebula Gray or Obsidian. Interior is fine.
  4. I understand what they're trying to do here, but the result is sadly rather more "drug dealer" than "bespoke craftsman". They should really try tan saddle-stitch upholstery in ultra-soft leather, with brushed nickel accents for the door mirrors and front grille. In other words, emulate Italy rather than Atlantic City.
  5. It seems I'm in the minority here, but I like the idea of the crafted line although it may have been better marketed as a performance/sports model. I think the red/black interior on a white exterior looks great, but the black mirrors seem a bit excessive. I also think the charcoal wheels on the RX look much better than the black we see on all of the other cars
  6. Loving the red interiors...