Lexus USA Announces Crafted Line Special Edition Models

Leuxs Crafted Line Family

Lexus USA has announced The Crafted Line, a group of special edition F SPORT vehicles with an exclusive Ultra White/Obsidian exterior and two-tone black/red interior.

The LS, GS, RX, ES, & IS are all available with the package — here are photos showing off the special edition models:

All Crafted Line vehicles feature an Ultra White exterior with contrasting black door handles, side mirrors and grille. Other exterior Obsidian treatments vary by model.

The interior features two-tone seats, contrast stitching, headrests and door panels in Black & Scarlet or Black & Cabernet.

Each model also comes with a set of two Tumi duffle bags, with owners also having the option to expand to the full Crafted Line luggage set:

All Crafted Line models, along with the matching TUMI duffel bag set, will be on public display for the first time on Peter Hay Hill at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance August 15-17.  The Crafted Line will have a starting MSRP of approximately $42,000 (ES 350).  Pricing details will be available closer to launch in November.

[Source: Lexus USA]


  1. Lost me at ultra white... not a fan of the black mirrors either
  2. For a moment I thought the ES was available in F-Sport trim! I like the two-tone interiors.
  3. quite beautiful, but still Lexus needs to focus on bringing more options, features and customization first before creating any type of "special" editions.
    • Dude.... What are you talking about....????? Options... features.... yada yada yada....??? What exactly are you talking about? AND.... If you're not a Lexus fan, then what are you doing on the "Lexus Enthusiast" website?? Simply to talk trash?? What's your point? Your comment seems to be so generic and nebulous.... You also appear to be contradicting yourself by saying Lexus needs to bring more "customizations" when that's exactly what this Crafted Line is. These cars are "Custom Crafted" with "Customized" features that are not available at all times for the entire Lexus model line, THUS, bearing the signature name "Crafted Line". Your comment here certainly needs more specificity. Plus.... why would Lexus want to cross-lap and overlap it's model lineup like BMW with the 2, 3, and 4 series model lineup??? They're all crossbreeds of each other and are all hard to tell the difference of which one is which unless you search for the model designations on the trunks of each model. AND.... when you say the "German Threes", are including Audi in that 3...?? If so, then.... REALLY......????? Audi sells barely half the number of cars that Lexus does each month. Do you truly have a clue of what you're speaking of? Or, are these letters that you're typing merely mistakes that your fingers are making? AND.... FYI.... Lexus outsold all of the premium luxury brands in America last month of July 2014. Believe me Lexus is doing quite fine!!!
    • the what, the who, the where and the UHA???!!! What are YOU talking about...????? Options... features... YES, such like 360 surround view cameras that have been available on Nissan for many years which I confirmed with my dealer won't be available here in Canada on the NX, such like panorama sunroof which has been available on a B200 again won't be available on the NX, such like genuine leather in F sport models which won't be available on the NX; such like luxury rear seating package which I can't get on my LS460 F sport as well as parking sensors (but only a backup camera, what logic?), such like the lack of HUD in many of the models in Lexus line up; such like very limited choices for interior leather colour, trim options...!!!!!! That's exactly what I AM talking about! Luxury is the freedom to get whatever you want when you can afford it, it's beyond your norms, how can I feel that with limited choices I have with Lexus especially the offerings are on par with even non luxury brands (again, choices, not quality)? I was offered luxury when I ordered M6 Gran Coupe with BMW individual, from leather grade, colour combinations, to interior trim and veneer choices as well as any available options NOT limited to the package or the trim you order unlike Lexus!!! What makes me a non Lexus Fan? for having LS and LX, getting RC F and NX? is this site a totalitarian regime that silences ideas and opinions? any criticism must be posted by "Lexus haters" even when backed with facts??!! What are you doing here? Simply to start fights?? it's like your children must be perfect, you wonder why we have so many idiots on shows like America's got talents and the Idols series? BLIND LOVE!!! and how would Lexus grow and beat the competitions without knowing what the customers and potential customers want and like??!!! and What's your point? For even asking that very question, you showed how little you know about the auto industry especially the high end segment, then again, this understanding is from spending real money, surrounded by these products, living with them on a daily basis. It is why I don't read those so called auto reviews. Those reviewers never make enough money to truly understand what real luxury is, and they never had to live with the cars for a long period of time to know and appreciate the details, that's why most of them gravitate toward European cars as they are very flashy and nice on the surface, but Lexus offers a level of (L) finesse requires discovering and what people do in the real world with a car, OWNING it and LIVING with it!!! Again you lack of understand and experience if you think my "comment seems to be so generic and nebulous", owning a Wraith and M6 Gran Coupe individual composition would certainly educate you!!! You also certainly don't understand what this Crafted line is about, it is GIVEN the customers who happen to like these "customization" made BY Lexus, it is, however, not like choosing different colour for the leather, and wheels etc., like what the German Threes offer; I said very clearly, this is a type of "special" edition, and I'm asking Lexus to bring "options, features and customization" at the very basic level being a luxury brand. I'm sure people who know about the industry and study other cars would understand without needing "more specificity", I am also sure a lot of people who can really afford high end products are as frustrated as myself for not able to CUSTOMIZE my Lexus the way I wanted to, example, in a perfect world, my LS460 F sport would have executive class seating package or at least ultra luxury package, and advanced pre collision system package. If these were on a BMW, Merc or Audi, I would've been able to order it exactly how I liked it!!! My post has nothing to do with "cross-lap and overlap it's model lineup", it's about what I want on my car and being able to actually get them on my car! You are so senseless going on about how BMW all look the same while it has nothing do with my post! Yes, people know about auto industry understand that when someone says the German Threes, Audi is one of three, and yes, REALLY...!!!! I despise Audi among the four Luxury brands, but they do offer more options and choices to the consumers, and as far as my argument goes, Audi is better than Lexus in this regard. "Do you truly have a clue of what you're speaking of? Or, are these letters that you're typing merely mistakes that your fingers are making?" I never once mentioned anything about sales, and if you really want to play with numbers, Lexus is not doing "fine" GLOBALLY as a whole comparing to the German Big 3s, are you really that narrow minded and clueless????!!!!! it's always USA USA for you isn't it???!!!! Be a Hermès VIP member and shop with the black card, and one day you'll know how spectacularly you failed at understanding real luxury!!!
    • Hey hey hey heyyyyyyy........ Lol!!!!! Nice shoot'n Tex....!!!! It would appear that someone took waaaaaaayyyy too many happy pills with their double shot mocha latte this morning Lol... This isn't an "angry forum" by any means at all My Good Man! I apologize for the lack of features or options that you have there in Canada for your Lexus vehicles. However, I actually am in the automotive industry as I do actually work for Lexus Sir. Apology accepted. My only explanation for you at this point is supply and demand. If there were a substantial demand for the "customized" features and options that you're asking for on our Lexus vehicles, we'd certainly do what Lexus has always done for it's customers and demographic... supply for that demand. Keep in mind though, the things that we DO give our customers for free that the German Three do not such as; we don't charge you an extra $500 plus for simply choosing a different for your car other than Black or White, we've long ago and still to this day offer on all of our cars (all the way down to our little baby CT200h) FREE keyless access and engine start without you still having to insert some sort of fob into slot on the dash when it's supposed to be keyless. Not every premium luxury auto maker does everything the exact same way at the exact same time and cost the exact same prices. Each are distinct for what they innovate and their own characteristics. For 11 years straight we were the #1 selling Premium Luxury Brand in the USA until the tsunami happened in Japan and crippled our inventory and manufacturing capacity. Ever since we (Lexus) appeared on the automotive landscape back in 1989, the premium luxury auto industry has been changed and we rewrote the book on what true luxury could be (and ultimately became) not only in terms of the automobile itself, but when it came to the customer service experience as well, which is why J.D. Power, Consumer Reports, KBB, etc loves us to this day. So, once more, apologies for your inconvenience at the moment, but Lexus has it's priorities in order right now, and Mr Akio Toyoda's vision and goal at this present moment is to continue the extraordinary momentum we have with bringing more passionate, exhilarating, bold, fun to drive, and exciting performance cars into the fold (with great success thus far) as our Lexus Renaissance continues it's infinite bloom! There are pros and cons in everything in life and nobody gets every last single thing that they want in their lifetime, hence, nothing and nobody is perfect. As you point out about children, accentuate their positive traits, don't simply focus and harp on the little small minor imperfections they might have because that's all they'll ever remember you talking about during their childhood years. Support them in their good and bad times, then watch the reward you'll get back in the long-term. Enjoy your Hermes...
    • I rarely drink coffee and Caffeine largely has no effect on me, and your apology is not accepted! It is not a problem only in Canada, and working for Lexus, you should've known before posted your first comment. But "luckily" I have M6 Gran Coupe, Wraith to make me forget about the "lack of features and options" here "in Canada for my Lexus vehicles", and will be more so once I trade in 460 F sport for a S550 and S63 Coupe. You don't have to "educate" me on Lexus or auto industry history, I know Lexus extremely well, as well as the other major luxury auto makers, after all, luxury is my lifestyle, and you need to know them all in order to make a correct judgement, but you need to own them in order to form a more complete and better understanding. Your "explanation" is a well known factor, however, it does NOT cut it! especially when Nissan had 360 surround view for such a long time and many Kia already have panorama sunroofs; while I can understand about the lack of colour choices for leather and trims; restrictions based on the version of the car you get is utterly stupid and a slap on the wrist, who are you to tell me that I can only get Nuluxe on a NX F sport? Why can't I have ultra luxury seating package for rear passengers on 460 F sport? parking sensors?? And you bet there is substantial demand for the customized features, saying otherwise is like telling all Lexus buyers are idiots, inferior to those of European car buyers and don't know better options are out there until Lexus shows them, well guess what, those folks bought the German Threes' products and Range Rovers! Had Lexus offered more options and customization, it'll outsell the German Threes in the US even more, and it's not just customization I'm talking about, I have it last didn't you see? it's options and features. Why do you think I have a Wraith (a CGT trade) while M6 Gran coupe is perfectly amazing, customization was a HUGE factor, I'm talking about true luxury, not value here, if BMW wanted to charge me $7000 for the Merino leather; RR wanted to charge me for inlays, cashmere roof liners and lit up crystal spirit of ecstasy just to list a few, I'm more than happy to pay it, at least I had an option. And you and Lexus' position further confirm the incorrect attitude toward luxury products, it's in the craftsmanship, design, build quality, attention to details and customer service, but also make the person who buys the product feel unapologetically "RICH"! I know what Lexus has achieved and I'm one of the biggest fans and advocates, RC F is the wallpaper for all my computers at this moment and I often get into "fights" on YouTube with European car "lovers" especially those regard Lexus as more expensive Toyotas and LFA is overpriced. Thus I was pretty pissed when I first saw your comment and accused me being a non Lexus fan, quite an insult to me. All the things you've listed are for those who cares about value more than real luxury, why do you think BMW continues selling so well even they have so many issues, my own car included, it's because people myself included would overlook those issues if I could get a product with more features, options and does not tell me what I can or can't get! I'm very happy for Lexus that is doing so well in the US, but that's it, only in the US! Mr Toyoda's vision is flawed, that is for a true luxury brand, Why do you think Range Rover hired Victoria Beckham for the Evoque, Toyoda might have more money, but Victoria understands luxury better. I'm excited about Lexus being "passionate, exhilarating, bold, fun to drive", but you failed again to understand my very short and simple original post. This is not a "pros" and "cons" issue, It was Lexus made the conscience choice for the customers not able to get that "every last single thing that they want in their" CAR!!! but THAT IS IT, I'm spending money, I want every last single thing, hence the pursuit of perfection and engineering amazing! "don't simply focus and harp on the little small minor imperfections"? well I guess you are the only few enjoyed "crazy" people on those talent shows other than the funny factor! Being a parent or a smart and qualified parent at least is to understand your child's strength and nurture them to be the best they can, rather than "bullshit" them with blind love in the name of not hurting their feelings, I would say that's a form of Child Abuse, the only "rewards" they'll get is being bullied and laughed at. Telling your kids can't sing and not to appear on a talent due to the lack of that required skill is supporting them in the RIGHT time! but why are we talking about this, not like you are a Bachelor of Philosophy and a PhD. Then AGAIN I'm talking about buying a car, not shaping someone's life here. The lack of options and features is not a flaw or imperfection (a creak from my sunroof is an imperfection), especially when a company decided not to include them or limits what you can get, it's nothing more than a stupid and ill educated decision. I don't know what department you work at Lexus, but I'm baffled by your logic and lack of focus in your replies, You make me wanna tell you to STFU and have a seat! You bet I enjoy my Hermès and other luxuries, only Lexus needs to do better to keep up or it'll be left behind!
    • Btw, the M6 gran coupe is a car that I dream of owning, I'll definitely make my way to that car.Very nice!
    • yeah it's pretty nice, I had a 650i M sport, and when M6 first came out, I hated it, but once at the dealer's lot I saw this sinister looking Black Sapphire Metallic M6 Gran Coupe in the sun with the light just hitting the right angels, it was just wow, and I said to myself " I have to have it" lol. and with Opal White Full Merino Leather with Black Interior individual composition, quite stunning (not so much now the white leather is not as white as new lol), and it's really at a different level than what Lexus is currently offering, in comparison, Lexus feels "cheap". I love Lexus and will always have Lexus, but it's kinda like the child you love who's not doing particular well in school, if you know what I mean. And if Lexus doesn't improve on the LX redesign, it'll be replaced by a Range Rover autobiography. On the plus side, I've never really had any issues with any Lexus, but BMW and Merc are just killing me, I'm so tired of visiting the dealers, I don't even bother now unless it's a safety concern! I will definitely be getting the S63 Coupe later this year, and I don't know if it's the right move to trade in the M6 Coupe... and good luck to you man, once you set a goal and working toward it, things will happen :)
    • Nissan sucks.So does the shitty crafsmanship of the BMW. They should be arrested for selling that crap.
  4. Is it me or is there something going on with the RTI controller. On some of the interior pictures, there looks to be an extra button (possibly a back button) but it's not the next generation TouchPad. I'm not sure but something looks to be different
  5. woah that ES is hot in the blacked out grille!
  6. Lexus, focus on more options for the GS, work on a new IS F. This we have here is nice, but having a new IS F and GS F would be even nicer!
    • Lexus can't work on everything all at once... please..... REMEMBER.... the completely new NX CUV model line is coming this fall and the RC model line is coming this fall. WHY.... would Lexus need a new IS-F now AT ALL when the RC-F is more powerful and leapfrogs the IS-F all together...???
    • Remember not all drivers want a high performance coupe!
    • well that's the problem, after couple of his long rants, I realized he lacks logic and focus, and he thinks just because he works for Lexus, he must be the expert on how the company should be and what true luxury is about (which is quintessentially what Lexus is). I don't know what department he works at, but I hope it's delivering toilet paper to the dealers, if anything to do with major decision makings would worry me, and should prompt me to contact upper management to have him removed.
    • I'm glad we're on the same page. Toilet, that's a good one.
    • You are a pretentious windbag.
  7. For a second I thought that was the I un-camouflaged ES prototype running around a while back with the black wheels. Has anybody ever figured out what that thing was
  8. RAL

  9. I bet this will look better than will i am speical edition
  10. Is this like their new Coach Editions?
  11. Just another exterior tweaks, not with any performance changes... *sigh
  12. Like a piece of art. Great Job, Lexus! Keep on creating amazing!
  13. Black door handles on a white car it's not for me. :S
  14. I don't get it. To me, black mirrors says "economy car", I am not a fan of white and basically it seems like extra money for a set of duffle bags! Please, Lexus, spend your time developing special editions with meaningful content or don't do it.
    • They're just following a trend with black mirrors - mainly BMW/MB. And "economy cars" don't have glossy black mirrors ;).
  15. I would want the blacked out grille on the GS and RX too if they're gonna do the ES
  16. Wow, what happened here? Everyone cool your jets, thread closed.