Lexus IS F CCS-R Competes in Nürburgring VLN 10 Race

Just last week, I shared a video of the Lexus IS F CCS-R racing concept at an event in Japan — now here’s footage of the same vehicle taking part in the VLN 10 race at the Nürburgring a couple weeks back:

Also released was this full lap with driver Uwe Kleen behind the wheel:

As for the final result — the IS F CCS-R and the driving team of Klaus Peoples, Uwe Kleen & Masashige Itoh finished the VLN 10 race 100th overall, and 4th in the SP8 class.


  1. Smaller wheel with slicks ... lovely !
  2. Easily the most entertaining video I've watched since witnessing the LFA N/E set is record lap around the Ring! I can smell the gas fumes & burnt rubber!This gives me very high expectations for the 2nd gen IS-F with all the R&D imformation that the Lexus crew is gathering from events like this.The fact they use their own mechanics'etc. says a lot.Thanks so much for the vids!!!
  4. AWESOME VIDEO. Team Lexus FTW !   The ISF is a small beast :-X
  5. Yep really enjoyable that IS-F pilot was giving all around him all they could handle and I have to say much like the LFA the IS-F chassis is really good as you could see through the twisty stuff how well balanced and how early the driver could pick up throttle. Very Impressive I hope Lexus launch the Clubsport model it'll be well worth the money.
    • From my understanding, most of the parts on the CCS-R are available in Japan for a princely sum (more than the IS F itself, as a matter of fact):
  6. I wonder if they are using all the info they are gathering in this race to build the next gen ISF like they did with the LFA. It be awesome seeing on motortrend ISF beats M3...