Video of the Chrome Lexus LFA

The chromed-up Lexus LFA from Australia has been spotted on the streets of Brisbane:

Can you imagine this LFA coming up behind you on the highway? I wouldn’t be able to believe my eyes — it looks like a hallucination made real.


  1. Iono...looks just a little TOO flashy for my taste.. Flashy enough for a 350,000 car but that just looks a little to "hey look at me...look at me...I want your attention"  A show off really.  
    • I agree it's not the best color(is chrome a color?) but since I believe this is in Australia, that guy just paid over 800k for a Lexus so he can draw as much attention as he like.  Side note for those who wanted more, click on the uploader's channel and watch his 3rd video. The McLaren sound weak behind three LFA and that evo sound like it's running on electricity. 
  2. THN

    It's so shiny, it blinded the guy in the yellow shirt - he didn't even notice it.
    • dude i was thinking ! is this guy trying to be cool and not look at the car !just with a regular  LFA in front of you should be drooling lol, even more with a unique color and even more when it takes off with a mad loud wennnnnnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhh! lololol
  3. lol at the Porshe behind the LFA attempting to out rev the LFA. LFA is GOD! TRUTH! 
  4. When you didn't get enough attention as a kid, or when you bought a $350k Lexus, you only had one option left..... BD
  5. in the first video notice the dog scare with its tale between its leg when the LFA revs lololol. second video rate it for adults only ,WARNING PORN!,,haahhah woooow what a MAD sounding car the LFA is, makes any big bad v12 750 +horsy sound like a smart car lol
  6. LFA does not have any traction in first two gears. It bunny hops the whole two gears and loses so much speed wasting forward momentum while spinning. Wish Lexus gave it tires that could hook up properly once you punch the throttle. Those Potenza tires are abyssmaly weak and should be banned from any car that has more than 400 HP.
  7. My favorite so far. He should strip the paint and polish the wheels though.
  8. Wonder if you guys watched this yet ?
    • Posted about this here: :-)
  9. Watch this new video of LFA fly-bys, acceleration runs and also revs You can hear the owner complaining about the tires not properly handling the power well. Wish Lexus had given it proper racing compound tires. Listen to the fly-bys at the end. Carrera what????
  10. Hi Guys, Except for showing of bad taste the owner also proves to be a kind of irresponsible pig by throwing his, whatever trash, on the street. If you like to catch attention it can bite you in the bum as well.
  11. Its always good reading comments from people with no idea!  To Maarten with your comment about throwing rubbish on the street. He is actually taking some leaves out of the car. MSand you are correct lack of traction this has something to do with the fact the tyres have had a few track days and they do need replacing. And i would have thought if your driving an LFA who cares what colour it is, i am pretty sure you will look cool. I can tell you the owner hasnt bought the car to look cool! hes bought the car to drive it!!!!