Lexus Spain Releases Special Edition IS F SPORT for Lexus 25 Year Anniversary

Lexus IS Special Edition Spain

Lexus Spain has released a special edition IS F SPORT to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Lexus brand — the car debuted at the Madrid Auto Show today, here are some photos from Autonocion:

As expected, this IS special edition has the TRD body kit installed — other exterior upgrades include the RC-style carbon fiber hood, roof & spoiler & 19″ Lexus F SPORT wheels with Bridgestone Potenza tires.

The interior has custom black & white leather, with a TRD red power button and a commerative plate. Mechanical upgrades include a Brembo brake kit for the front wheels and a TRD quad exhaust.

The Lexus IS F SPORT special edition will be available only in Spain, and is limited to just 25 units. Pricing has yet to be announced.

See more photos of the Lexus Spain IS F SPORT Special Edition


  1. They actually found a way to make the incredibly ugly IS even uglier. Wow.
  2. Wow, it looks badass. CF hood and roof on non F car? Respect. CF hood on RC F doesn't looks as good. Any pics of interior?
  3. Not really feeling this kit.
  4. This has got to be one of the worst color combinations I have ever seen. Why not make it a nice glossy black color? Just awful.
  5. Looks like parts from other cars (Those wheels are the GS F-Sport's aren't they?)...something you'd see at an import car show...where the girls at?
  6. Lower the damn thing.. Poorly put together. I wonder if there's white carbon fiber hoods? I would love one for my 14 IS, I have a silver cf hood on my silver 01 IS, it blends real well. Never been a fan of dark cf parts on light cars, too choppy.
  7. They should have lowered it 2 centimeters, fit aftermarket 19" premium rims instead of last-minute-borrowing from the GS and avoid that disgraceful lid deflector. What an improvised botched job.