More Information on the Lexus LX 570 Supercharger

Lexus LX 570 Supercharger

The Lexus LX 570 Supercharger first seen last week has officially launched in Kuwait — here’s a photo gallery of the special edition in black:

The supercharged 5.7L V8 engine pushes out 450 hp, up from the 383 hp of the standard LX model — along with the upgraded engine, there’s also an exclusive body kit and red leather interior.

The LX 570 Supercharger is a limited edition model, and currently only available in the Middle East.

[Source: QABag via World Car Fans]


  1. Aggressive monster!!! Launching here in Kuwait seems logical as it will compete with the highly popular rang rover sport supercharger.
  2. NOW that's what I call it the BEAST! . Amazing in Design Amazing in Motion . This Monster SUV is #PERFECT
  3. Like the power, like the red leather, HATE the tacky body kit.
  4. Can y'all imagine the fuel economy (or the lack of) in this thing? It would get like 5 mpg lol
  5. Only 450 hp?! Standard LX 570: 383 hp with 403 Lb-ft of torque Standard Tundra: 381 hp with 401 Lb-ft of torque Tundra with TRD Supercharger: 504 hp with 550 Lb-ft of torque And all of a sudden, the LX has less power with the supercharger?! haha
  6. Very impressive, the dual exhaust from the LS would be stunning on this!
  7. Can't wait to see a new owner take it two wheeling and changing its tires
  8. Ali

    Useless, too heavy to compete with Range Rovers .. let alone the fact that it's body on frame which equates to sloppy handling. On the next generation, Lexus will certainly needs to move away from BOF construction on their premium SUVs like Land Rover did.