Lexus RX Art Works in Dubai

Lexus RX 350 Art Works Stone Designs

Drive Arabia is becoming the go-to destination for seeing Lexus RXs that are unavailable in North America — first it was great pics of the RX’s panoramic roof option, and now we get a good look at the RX Art Works edition by Stone Designs.

From the looks of things, the only exterior change is the aggressive front under-spoiler last seen as a Japan-only option — but step inside the RX and it’s a completely different story:

Lexus RX Art Works Interior

Lexus RX Art Works Interior

Lexus RX Art Works Interior

No question, this RX in Sunlight Art Works interior is out of this world — there’s plenty more photos over at Drive Arabia as well, be sure to check them out.

[Source: Drive Arabia]


  1. I want one of this
  2. maragarida wrote:I want one of this
    As far as I know, these are only available in Japan & Dubai -- will check in to it.
  3. eh, not my thing. I do like however the front end under spoiler...
  4. RDS

    I saw a new Lexus RX350 in my country already (but only rear end) , don't like the front end (even only saw it in picture) but the rear end is astonishing ! The taillight is using traditional bulb on normal light while using LED for brake light . In the picture above , the interior doesn't looks bad on design but the material doesn't looks good for me .
  5. I really like the under spoiler---this is just a few of the the changes I would like to see Lexus do more of on the regular line up. This slight enhancement makes a huge impact on the inital look. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEW GS-----PLEASE DON'T LET US DOWN LEXUS !
  6. Front spoiler: WANT Interior: WANT
  7. I love the OEM rims and those headlights are nice I like how they place the lowbeam in the middle like that :)