New Photos of the 2013 Lexus GS Interior

2013 Lexus GS Interior

New photos of the 2013 Lexus GS interior have been posted to Estonian mega-site Delfi, and they reveal plenty of previously unseen detail — to start with, here’s a gallery of selected interior images:

The biggest thing, outside of the outstanding Saddle Brown leather, is the rear seat control panel similar to the one seen in the current LS:

2013 Lexus GS Rear Control Panel

Here’s a closer look:

2013 Lexus GS Rear Control Panel Closeup

Likely to be part of some “executive” option package, this is not only a cool convienence feature, but it’s also a strong indicator that the rear seating space is much improved — which is demonstrated in a photo as well:

2013 Lexus GS Rear Seat Room

There’s even a photo of the improved trunk space:

2013 Lexus GS Trunk Space

Considering the quality of this interior (which looks absolutely gorgeous from every angle I’ve seen), the early drive previews and the brightened up teaser image we saw last week, it’s starting to get difficult to contain my excitement about this new GS. Next week can’t come soon enough!

(This selection of photos are just the tip of the iceberg, there are plenty more images to look at over at Delfi.)

View more 2013 Lexus GS Photos (Thanks to everyone that sent this in!)

Update: I should have mentioned in my post that all the interior wood trim in these photos is covered in black tape.


  1. WOWOWOW!!! So nice! My best compliment: The center rear A/C vents look great, and there's wood and leather right above it!!!
  2. It looks like a poor mans BMW interior, where are the touch screens?  I was excited at the exterior I was hoping for more, seems like they went backwards. sigh
  3. eh i wish there was some more wood in the interior.  the front passenger seat dash area looks very plain.  
  4. I'm sorry, but no.. it looks hard, sterile, and actually the same interior space if not smaller.  Those front seats look like they are up so far that you can't help but to have room at the back.  The poor guy in the suit looks SMUSHED.  I am so underwhelmed that it's painful.. True enough, I thought that the previous GS exterior was so boring at first, but I got used to it. Especially knowing how high quality the material was inside and out.  The exterior of this generation is extremely exciting, but this interior is too "muscle car", too BMW .. they should have just used vinyl seats -_-... Or maybe it will look better in cashmere and with more wood?
  5. Nav screen/dash kinda looks like the new 6,hmm...I dont know if thats good or bad, but other than that, I like the controls at the back ahah.
  6. Looks warm and cozy... what are the guys above me going on about? I think it looks modern and new. 
  7. OMG does the front passenger chair has a flip out bottom ???!!! Those chair looks omg cozy.... back seat buttons ??!!   This car is going to be epic inside and out.
    • The changes interior wise are changes I would say are BMW like. One person said "where is the wood" it is covered with tape to hide it. As a current GS owner I feel the pain of others here. I will miss dearly the touch screen, instrument cluster, and the way the dash meets the doors. The current model flows beautifully with no abrupt angles like what we are seeing here. So when I say the changes are more like BMW I feel that is NOT a good thing. Lexus was always progressive and this does look like a step backwards...  Exterior wise is another story though~
  8. We've had these pics for a while, I even did a photoshop of what it could look like with wood.
  9. I am very excited about this vehicle. As a GS 430 and LS 600HL owner I am thrilled to say the 430's interior is nothing like this......Lexus is really moving where I want them to. I can only imagine that the next generation LS will be advanced to the next level......look out Germans... Mr. Toyoda is on a roll.....He is serious bout this decade being the best ever.......Great job !
  10. Hey guys ... don't forget Akio Toyoda is kind of man that loved Racing , he's even involved in the LFA race on Nur 24hrs , which is an Endurance racing !
  11. I like the Black Front Seat Backs w/ the Black Steering Wheel combo, best... if you look at the wheel closely, you'll see a little plaque at the bottom (F or Hybrid notation?)... the original LS-Hybrid Showcar had Black Front Seat Backs; IMO, it makes the seats look thinner & more contemporary. I don't like how the dash intersects the transmission tunnel OR how it doesn't flow into the door (none of the lines, colors, trims or angles seem to line up)... I'll have to wait and see the final product.
    • I also think the Black Front Seat Backs would look better with the end of the transmission tunnel that houses the rear ventilation section (which looks fantastic with leather top & metal vent surround) 
  12. For those who want more wood, its quite clear that this an F-Sport set up (steering wheel F logo missing and sports pedals,gear shifter, etc...). The F models have never come with wood! The entry and top range will tho.... Over all im really impressed by this interior, especially the seats! Well done Lexus!
  13. I expect 4-zone climate control
  14. I expect 4-zone climate control
  15. One thing I started wondering ... Why do they tape up the lexus logo??? Its not like we don't know what brand the car is haha.... 
  16. The attention to detail is very good.. And I think it's a step in the right direction.. With this I'm expecting the GS to become #1 in the mid-size segment..
    • Attention to what detail?  It looks like very little effort went into the dash design and I'm shocked that Lexus would go the German route with that black and bland dash.  Visit just about any Germany manufacture website and you will see a similar interior.  ;-((
    • Yeah I know, I like the current GS interior and exterior but what can we do?.. Lexus felt that it wasn't good enough and needed something with more spirit..
    • I agree... this new GS is going to sell like hot cakes.  Good job Lexus. 
    • Travis I agree......the market needs and wants a new face and interior.....there will be waiting list for these once available......a real head turner on the streets which is what Lexus needs right now.
    • you got that right i think this car is going to be great... i am going to buy a new gs awd when it comes out.. when do you think the awd model will be available?   awesome car..
  17. cool photos. luxury car.
  18. Hello dear sirs, Please excuse my ignorance and broken English, but is that an "Energy Monitor" screen on Pic No. 8? If so, does that mean the model depicted is a hybrid? Maybe the F sport trim only comes as a hybrid? I'm so eagerly waiting for the debut of the new GS! Can't sleep at night almost ^^
    • ya , great catch i checked it now you are right in that so the GS with F trim is the hybrid one and that makes me believe the rumors before that said the GS-F will be a hybrid model
    • Very good catch -- didn't see that.  The GS 350 & GS 450h look to have the F-Sport package available -- the only missing question is whether it will be an option on the GS 250. I'll be sure to post once I have more details.
    • me too can not wait until thursday 18th august pebble beach car show in cali. finally taking cover off actual production model lexus gs.........
  19. Hello dear sirs, Please excuse my ignorance and broken English, but is that an "Energy Monitor" screen on Pic No. 8? If so, does that mean the model depicted is a hybrid? Maybe the F sport trim only comes as a hybrid? I'm so eagerly waiting for the debut of the new GS! Can't sleep at night almost ^^
  20. Best Lexus interior yet! I might even forgive the exterior and buy this just for the interior.
    • Forgive the exterior? The exterior is what the rave is all about ! Lexus interiors have ALWAYS been great this is not nothing new... its the exterior that people really want to see
    • i love this car.. i went to the new york auto show in april and the lf /gh silver was there and i loved that car.. i hope the gs awd looks close to the one at the ny auto show.. can not wait for this thursday at pebble beach in cali auto car show on august 18yh at 4pm... finally going to take cover off outside of car......yess yess i am going to buy this new gs...............
    • Did you put a deposit yet?  My dealer in NYC is asking $15K over sticker because of the long waiting list.
    • You'll be in the car driving looking at the interior...  if the exterior looks great but the interior is ugly will you still want to drive the thing?
    • @ Barker@84541c4589383eec0ca9b706e7847ab2:disqus  People still drive BMW's ?
  21. I know the G in GS stands for "Grand",but to me it stands for "Gorgeous". :-D
  22. is that one the 4th generation i found it in delfi links
  23. But anyway, taped up wood or not it's still a no for me.. However I can accept that this is a sport configuration.  I was initially a huge 5 series fan before becoming a lexus convert, so the things that are like a 5 series are a turn off.  I still like the 5 series I guess, but if I wanted one I would get one.
  24. From the pics, I gather that the new GS has lost the leather wrapped grab handles above the doors. The current GS has leather wrapped handles. Minor detail, but one that really impressed me as standing out from the competition due the Lexus' attention to detail. Overall I like the new interior, love that Lexus is finally adding some more bold color choices for their interiors outside of the whacky custom order ones available in Japan. However, from the pics I can't really see that the rear legroom/ knee room has increased. It looks positively cramped just like it is in my GS430.
  25. All Lexus have interiors that are extremley well designed and executed..
  26. Look at the pictures.  The man in the car is squeezed in all posts.  What a small interior.  This is not what a luxury car should be.  Its no BMW or MB for sure.  Very disappointing!