New Photos of the 2013 Lexus GS Interior

2013 Lexus GS Interior

New photos of the 2013 Lexus GS interior have been posted to Estonian mega-site Delfi, and they reveal plenty of previously unseen detail — to start with, here’s a gallery of selected interior images:

The biggest thing, outside of the outstanding Saddle Brown leather, is the rear seat control panel similar to the one seen in the current LS:

2013 Lexus GS Rear Control Panel

Here’s a closer look:

2013 Lexus GS Rear Control Panel Closeup

Likely to be part of some “executive” option package, this is not only a cool convienence feature, but it’s also a strong indicator that the rear seating space is much improved — which is demonstrated in a photo as well:

2013 Lexus GS Rear Seat Room

There’s even a photo of the improved trunk space:

2013 Lexus GS Trunk Space

Considering the quality of this interior (which looks absolutely gorgeous from every angle I’ve seen), the early drive previews and the brightened up teaser image we saw last week, it’s starting to get difficult to contain my excitement about this new GS. Next week can’t come soon enough!

(This selection of photos are just the tip of the iceberg, there are plenty more images to look at over at Delfi.)

View more 2013 Lexus GS Photos (Thanks to everyone that sent this in!)

Update: I should have mentioned in my post that all the interior wood trim in these photos is covered in black tape.