Lexus Reveals 2013 GS 350 Teaser Image

With only two weeks before the official reveal of the 2013 fourth-generation Lexus GS in Pebble Beach, Lexus has released a teaser image of their new sedan — here it is in convenient wallpaper desktop size:

2013 Lexus GS 350

The front grille shape from the LF-Gh concept is in full force, though toned down enough for a production model, but it isn’t until we do some tweaking that the real picture is revealed (click for a larger version):

2013 Lexus GS 350 Image Correction

The chrome surround around the grille does a nice fade into the bumper (which may or may not be body colored), but it’s much closer to the LF-Gh than I would have ever expected. Surprising that Lexus would release an image so easily adjusted, but judging from this photocopy quality version, they’re likely very eager to start showing this car off. Very impressive.

(Thanks to everyone for sending this in!)


  1. I think I may trade up my GS400 for the new one! It's pretty sick!
  2. I think I may trade up my GS400 for the new one! It's pretty sick!
  3. I think I may trade up my GS400 for the new one! It's pretty sick!
    • agreed.  I love my 300 V8 RWD GS400.... lover driving it, love looking and being inside it. But I might have to let it go for this car....
    • agreed.  I love my 300 V8 RWD GS400.... lover driving it, love looking and being inside it. But I might have to let it go for this car....
  4. This is either GS250 or GS350 ... because it's isn't a web shape .
  5. This is either GS250 or GS350 ... because it's isn't a web shape .
  6. This is either GS250 or GS350 ... because it's isn't a web shape .
  7. Here's hoping it doesn't have the cheap looking, black plastic fog lights that the CT and IS have.
    • From the adjusted image above, it looks to have the same circular fog lights, but without the black plastic surround.
  8. The grille should have been toned down way more! Still get a "let's copy Audi" vibe from this. Well, at least we have the beautiful current GS a while longer.
    • Like I said in a previous post, Lexus kept it covered during the 1st round of reviews because they knew a lot of people would be disappointed (and some offended) by the styling.
    • I don't know, I don't really see more than a passing resemblance.
    • No,nor do I. There are several cars on the market with large front grills,but they´re not all copycats. There have always been similarities between cars of the same period,as they´ve done their own take on whatever the design trends at the time were. Now,if we are to talk proper copying let me just say this: Altezza lights...   ;-)
    • The design of the Lexus grille is pretty much a Mitsubishi+Audi grille mashup. Not original at all. Hopefully they differentiate it from the Mitsubishi and Audi grille's by making the bumper body colored? I liked the last L-Finesse grille that Lexus used in their last generation of products far better. It was more "Lexus" and more original.
    • In all honesty, this looks no different from the grille of the CT. Lexus is aiming for a more bold and aggressive design language than previous L-Finesse iterations. I can't possibly imagine Lexus looked at a Mitsubishi or an Audi and deliberately tried to copy it, but to each their own.
    • The BMW 7 series look like the Current LS 460/600 from behind. They all take from each other!
    • If the bumper is blacked out non-auto-enthusiast might confuse the GS with an Audi and from the picture the bumper looks like a it'll be blacked out.
    • This car doesnt look like any Audi I've ever seen. P.S i accidently liked your comment trying to press Reply lol
    • Right I agree
  9. Looks like current LS meets Audi A4. Its ok, but too derivitue and too bland overall, but it'll probably sell better than the last gen.
    • You call this bland?  lmfaooooooooooooo plz explain how ?
    • I just feel that the last gen GS (and frankly every GS before this one) had a more groundbreaking design for the time, than this one will have today. All the styling elements we see on this new GS we've seen before on other cars, and this doesn't bring anything new or revolutionary to the table.
    • This is Farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr from Bland...lmao
    • This is Farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr from Bland...lmao
  10. SMOKIN HOT!!!  I love it, and the new grille is extremely eye catching.  This car is sure to turn heads on the road.
  11. The front is cool with me.  I just want more surface detailing in the flanks It's kind of slab-sided, and it looks taller in profile, not lower and wider, which is kinda what you want in a sports sedan BD
  12. wow, a lot of CT influence, but i like it. cant wait to see the rest! ready to get frustrated reading hate comments on other websites...
    • Yeah, it's pretty bad out there -- though it also seems to be getting some people interested in Lexus. I try not to pay too much attention to the haters.
    • yeah i try to ignore them, but people are just so ignorant and lexus just becuase its lexus....smh
  13. Krew,  THANKS for uploading this in 2560x1440!!!  Finally have a new wallpaper!!! haha...  Love it... so aggressive! 
    • I did it for you! :-)
    • Thanks Again! ... Oh, and I saw you are going to be at the unveiling! I got an email from lexus and will be there as well!  Can't wait!! 
    • I was actually holding an invite aside for you! That's great you'll be able to attend, look forward to meeting you. :-)
    • Oh wow, you were holding one for me? Thanks!!  Do you know if there will be any cars for us to drive there? Now that would be an awesome experience! See you there! 
  14. Thanks for the nice wallpapers! Can't wait to see the full reveal! It does remind me of the CT.
  15. I can't wait to be the envy on the street with this bad boy.  Rolling down the boulevard pumping up the tunes I'll be soon be surrounded by ladies, not like I'm not already wit my IS250.
  16. This looks hot!!!  This looks way better than the Audi's.  There should be some infringement law against Audi stealing Lexus designs.
  17. sexy & aggression.   This is the car for me.        This car already looks better then what BMW and Merc have out.
  18. This looks like that Lexus HK one I showed you a while back, Krew! (or was it Taiwan)
  19. This is way hotter than an Audi Merc or Bimmer!!!  I bet it's faster and handles better too.
  20. This is way hotter than an Audi Merc or Bimmer!!!  I bet it's faster and handles better too.
  21. Another Benchmark set!
  22. Another Benchmark set!
  23. Should be on the win the "Car of the Year" if not the century!!!
  24. Should be on the win the "Car of the Year" if not the century!!!
  25. Hubba hubba!
  26. Best thing since slice bread!!!!!
  27. This will definitely impress the ladies!!!!
  28. Lexus is finally getting aggressive in the design department thanks to the LFA development.  Can't wait to see this on the street.  Fingers cross for a GS-F.
  29. I don't know though... besides the grille, there isn't much to be excited about in terms of looks. /:
  30. This car will revolutionize the industry!!!! "Pursuit of Perfection"
  31. F1

    It looks very nice.. It has a distinctive design.. How can people call this bland?? Just look at it, it's the opposite of bland! People who think this is bland should take a look at the E-Class Mercedes, they took the beautiful design of the current GS and turned it into down Syndrome.. Look at the 7 series BMW, they took the beautifully crafted and fitted rear lights of the LS and made them look like a thug mobile.. Despite the LS being 5yrs older then the 7 series, it looks much better and more elegant, refined and handsome looking..
  32. i think this is the best innovation since the innovation of car
  33. Simply  ZEXY!!!
  34. If that piece of the bumber across the grille is body-coloured, this wont be som bad actually. I bet the rest of it looks very much like the LF-Gh. But I'm still biting my nails over that grille!
  35. I question about something everyone seems to omit, the side mirrors. Isn't it the LFA ones?
  36. JVX

    Thus far, the most menacing-looking Lexus.  I'm glad the front center bumper has the traditional split rather than the unattractive one-piece like Audi has. The GS is very beast-like with the sharp angular headlight and protruding mouth.  Love the design and the aggressive look.  Can't wait to see it up-close at the auto show.
  37. This design is the wave of the future.  Lexus is the innovator or the auto industry soon everyone from Audi to Porsche will be copying this design.  Lexus is the Apple of the auto industry, starting putting your deposits down now and start camping out at your local Lexus dealer.
  38. This looks a lot like the CT, I think the concept had more hope with it's awesome grille. Too bad they toned it down so much!!
  39. This car will outsell everything on the market.  It will destroy the German competition.  Lexus has yet again set another standard in the automotive world.
  40. I'm putting my deposit down today!!!
  41. wow!! I love it.. I was skeptical about the design, but the separation in the middle of the grille works! will the whole grille really have that "glow" lighted up effect??  That ish is sick!! absolutely disgusting! (in a good way lmao).. Imagine this bad boy zooming up behind you at night!
  42. I will definitely be trading my GS 430 for this bad boy !    I am really excited about this vehicle and can't wait for future developement for the next generation of the other models. The escape from the normal leather combinations is so thrilly to me---I hope that there will be some fantastic combinations available.....bespoke if possible.....
  43. I can't wait till the GS-F comes out it will scare the crap of the German-Gear heads, like the IS-F did to the C63 and M3. Banzai!!!!!!!!
  44. Not feeling it. Just looks down-right ugly to me. :(
  45. This is going to be an amazing car...AMAZING
  46. This is going to be an amazing car...AMAZING