Lexus CT 200h F-Sport Package to Reach U.S. Dealerships in October?

Lexus CT 200h F-Sport

According to Kicking Tires, the Lexus CT 200h F-Sport is scheduled to reach U.S. dealerships in October – here’s some details on how the package will be configured:

  • 17-inch high-gloss-finished wheels
  • Mesh F-Sport grille
  • Larger rear spoiler
  • Black leather trimmed steering wheel
  • Black leather seats with a white perforation pattern and a black headliner
  • Metal front scuff plates and metallic finish on dash trim
  • Sports-tuned suspension & anti-sway bar

A limited edition CT F-Sport will also be offered with a different set of F-Sport wheels, blue leather seats, and a custom Tumi duffel bag & backpack combo. This special package will be limited to 900 editions.

Of course, this is currently unconfirmed and as such could change in any way — but considering how detailed the information is, I have a feeling it’s likely right on on the money.

(Note: The above photo is the Australian version of the CT F-Sport package and may be different from what’s offered in the USA.)

[Source: Kicking Tires]


  1. Jay

    Erm, something major missing from this list - more power? Currently the CT is more suited to Driving Miss Daisy. Even with big black wheels.
  2. Great news!   Now Lexus needs to start adding larger engine versions to really blast the sales figures forward.
    • aha Seriously! When was Lexus ever low on power? That seems to be the case recently!
    • I don't thinnk Lexus is ever low on power----this CT will sell better if it has larger power variations instead of just the 200h version.....I know rumor talk was that maybe a 300H or 350H is where I was going with my comment. I think you may have taken my comment in the wrong context.
    • aha My bad. I knew what you meant. I was just thinking of how Lexus vehicles usually had plenty of power to start with! Remember how the SC 300 was available after the SC 400? And remember how the US didn't get the IS 200 but only the IS 300?
    • That's really the next thing that has to happen with the CT. I don't know if the hybrid powertrain from the HS will be enough of an improvement, but it would be a good start.
    • yes----I agree !   I think if Lexus introduces another or even two other engine variants it would be incredible sales through out the US and abroad. A definite cornerstone to move the brand image and product more global.  Thanks Krew !  Keep up the fantastic work you do....we die hard Lexus lovers are into all that you provide for us.
    • I doubt so much effort would have went into the CT chassis and handling if they weren't going to add more engine variants.  (Thanks for the kind words, I'm excited about next week and the GS launch, I have some really interesting things planned. :-)
  3. This one is poising to be the 1M killer.  Lexus answer to the 1M, this will definitely take away the sales from BMW.   Great job Lexus!!!
  4. I sure hope its available in the ULTRASONIC BLUE!!!
  5. Sweet!!!!  This car will definitely outrun a C63 or M3!!!  Can't wit till those Russians get they hands on this and smoke those Germans!!!
    • I have no idea why you're using different pseudonyms to post ridiculous comments, but I have to ask you to stop. You're more than welcome to participate in discussions here, but at least try to make sense. Thanks!
    • How is this a ridiculous comment?  Every enthusiast thinks they know best and Lexus is the best brand in the market.  Why does Lexus make a F version of this, if it is not going to compete against the German's sport versions vehicles of the same class?  The F division is to compete against the M and AMG so I assume the Lexus is going to beat them in price and performance which they are clearly done with this and other models.
    • Just to be clear, this is a CT 200h F-Sport option package (which is mostly cosmetic other than a revised suspension) and not an actual CT-F -- so it's not really meant to compete with M/AMG/RS. More importantly, you used three different pseudonyms in this thread alone, and I would prefer if you stuck with one name -- that's all. Thanks!
  6. We should be honored to be in the presence of another Super Car from Lexus!!!!
  7. SK

    I see this car all the time in Aus and really love the way it looks. Definitely looks like this is my next car. Not sure why people are going on so much about the power, it is more than adequate for most people. The main benefit of this car is the fuel economy, which is incredible.
    • Agreed, this car provides enough power for most people -- but simply adding a new engine variant would broaden this car's market significantly. 
  8. I wouldn't describe the CT 200h as underpowered. I find power to be adequate in normal mode and adequate+ in sport. I do think it could handle a lot more power,and that in some markets this would produce greater sales figures.