2013 Lexus GS 350 Interior Color Options

Earlier today, I shared the exterior colors of the 2013 Lexus GS, and now here’s the interior options, starting with the four leather hues:

2013 Lexus GS 350 Interior Leather Options

All four colors look great, but the Cabernet is just fantastic — easily my #1 pick.

Picking a favorite trim is a little more difficult, here are the available options:

2013 Lexus GS Trim Options

The Striated Aluminum is a departure from what I’m used to seeing in a Lexus — it has this “raw” look that gives off a very unique texture. I was also surprised that three of the four trim options were more matte than glossy, which I quite prefer, truth be told.

(Didn’t realize when taking the photo that one of the trim name badges was missing — I’ll update once I get the official name.)


  1. Black with Striated Aluminum for sure !
  2. Black with Striated Aluminum for sure !
  3. Black with Striated Aluminum for sure !
  4. Black with Striated Aluminum for sure !
  5. Cabernet with Burl for me! Bold, yet traditional BD
  6. oh man the wood pieces are beautiful
  7. I think the one with the missing tag is some type of bamboo. Wasn't it offered in the CT hybrid? I love the linear espresso wood! So excited about this car!
  9. D2

    Light gray with Linear Espresso Wood.. (Yes hahaa I have traditional Lexus tastes)
  10. These various interior trims look really good.  Hopefully Lexus will offer other variations in the near future!
  11. The colours are wonderful. And the wood samples look magnificient. I hope that Lexus at some point allow a little customization so that any body colour, leather and wood combination be available. May have to wait for a few months but I think it will be worth it. I have seen a picture some where of the GS hybrid and it had the 'bamboo- looking' wood. The whole area looked very serene and gorgeous.
  12. When they do the mid-gen refresh, different wood grains and wheel designs should definitely be apart of the updates I would like a lighter Burl wood, myselfBD
  13. Just looks like a bigger version of the IS.  Impressive interior though.