Lexus Releases Image of New Concept Interior

Lexus has released a second teaser of the new concept set to debut at the Detroit Auto Show in January — this time, it’s a sneak peek at the interior (click for a much, much larger version):

Lexus Concept Interior NAIAS

While the first teaser image made it difficult to guess what the concept might be, this new image paints a much clearer picture — the leatherwork sculpted around the center console, the walnut wood trim, and the high level of detail throughout the cabin all point to a next-generation Lexus SC.

Should this be the case, there’s other takeaways from this single image — most obviously, judging from the front seat placement and the slope of the roof, it’s almost certainly a coupe, and although I can’t account for the inset “track” attached to the open roof, it doesn’t appear to be a convertible.

I’m sure I’ve missed plenty of details, so it’s time to open it up for comments — but before I do, here’s the new teaser image as a desktop wallpaper:

Lexus Concept 2012 NAIAS Desktop

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(Just a note, the poll to guess what this new concept is will close tonight, so don’t forget to vote if you haven’t already — though this new image should make your choice a lot easier.)

Update: Edited for clarity.