Poll: What is the new Lexus Concept?

Lexus Concept Detroit Poll

After looking at the new Lexus concept teaser all day, I’m still no closer to figuring out what it could be — thinking it over, I’ve narrowed it down to three possibilities:

  • The next-generation SC – This is what I’m hoping for, though if the rest of the concept is as sharply defined as this tiny teaser, it would make for a drastic departure from the second-generation SC.
  • The next-generation IS – The sharp crease that extends from the grille into the hood is very similar to the current IS — plus, this shot immediately reminded me of an IS photoshop released earlier in the year (which means absolutely nothing, but it stuck with me regardless).
  • A Lexus 86/Something Brand New – Whether or not Lexus should make their own version of the GT 86, the idea that it would debut so soon after the Toyota/Scion/Subaru models is a longshot, to say the least — in fact, I would be surprised to see Lexus go off the board with something brand new when so many of their existing models need to be updated.

That’s been my train of thought, but it hasn’t lead me any closer to a decision — now I want to know what everyone else thinks, so it’s time for a vote:

Voting closes in a week — can’t wait to see how this one ends up!


  1. Whatever it is, it'll come in 2013 I vote SC.   Lighter, Sharper, Stronger BD
  2. Looking at the size if the wheel and tyre( 265/35 R 21 ) I suspect new SC
  3. I vote SC. The shape of the headlamps look like a more defined and sharper version of the first generation headlamps. 
  4. Needs leather, wood, chrome, and metal all around the interior! If Mercedes offers that as an option for the ML and SLK, then why not Lexus with its cars?!
  5. Edited the post for clarity.
  6. THe SC is long over due for a replacement its actually perfect timing from Lexus after the end of LFA Production in 2012 all the Technology and experince can now filter down into a more cost effective coupe without a limited production even if its GTR money we will buy it!!
  7. F1

    I don't know why, but i feel that this is the next gen IS
  8. With whatever happens to Lexus on pass few months , this is my thoughts to the next SC & the next IS , for next SC , I hope it maintain the 2+2 seat layout with metal convertible roof (let's keep the 2-seat roadster for LFA) , engine picked 3.5-liter V6 Hybrid , 4.6-liter V8 & 5.0-liter V8 from IS-F , gearbox is either 6AT or 8AT but I hope for a 6MT available . for next IS , I hope it maintain the current size but growing interior space with Toyota iQ's technology , made it have line up of Sedan , Coupe , Wagon & Convertible while IS-F appear as both Sedan & Coupe , engine made it between 2.0-liter (as I hope for Turbo) to 5.0-liter V8 (IS-F) , gearbox choice I wanted 6AT , 8AT & 6MT .
    • Going hard top convertible again would be very bad for the SC.It created an old persons cruiser with a short front end & a long rear end with back seats that wern't even suitable for children.Dont get me wrong,it had its sexy points,but most people remember the first gen SC & the fourth gen supra with their long front ends,their short rear ends,lighter weight & some muscle.Now those were some sexy cars & they made anybody look good in them regardless of their age.Any one that agrees with me,please click the like icon.
    • Who said convertible must end up with short front end , long rear end & a tiny back seat ? The later version of SC have shorter front end because it doesn't have a long engine like the previous one or any Supra . With development of different roof , it's not that difficult to put 2+2 , metal folding roof & a 4.8m long nose car together , of course it won't be that long on nose as no matter how , long nose = no back seat (unless you go 5m long) .
    • I agree & I'm not against the idea.The Supra which I mentioned was mostly all sold as targa top.(with the exception of like 21 examples)I even like the idea of an open top version if it resembles the look of the LFA Roadster concept or the GRMN Sports Hybrid concept & cars like the Porsche Carrera GT.The 2nd gen SC was longer in the back end to accomidate the aluminum hard top,It had no trunk or back seat space & in later years dropped from 300 hp to 288 hp.It also gained weight to make it a full open top with a metal folding roof.The reason why you can't buy one new today is because Lexus realized that it couldn't compete any more with more modern options available.Don't worry though as with Akio in charge & with the LFA as insperation,I'm sure that what ever we get will be amazing.For the record,I wasn't trying to go against you,after all this is a forum for people with like interests,right?I only wanted to do a mini poll in the interest of seeing for my self how many people were interested in seeing a return of the Supra & SC & being based off of each other.I really want this my self & I think there's enough interest out there that maybe it's being seriously considered.I'm sorry if my comments came accross as being insultive to you.That wasn't my intention.
    • What you wrote will definitely fail, if it supposed to be a sports car. The engine and transmission have no passion in them.
    • A sports car is suppose to be fun to drive , not just about engine & transmission ... just like Toyota's latest creation - the 86 , it's not powerful nor have nice transmission (6MT is not bad) but it made huge fun when driving it !
  9. Great thisisireally nice!
  10. Had to vote next gen SC.I hope it is & I hope they bring back the Supra/SC twins,bolder & bader than ever.No way is this concept in the 86 or IS category.Did you see the size of those honkin wheels & tires?It clearly says on the side wall of the tire in the pic 265/35 R 21.Those are some serious wheels.Come to think about it,those are bigger than the LFA's.Maybe a semi-affordable super car made out of aluminum?
  11. that is the next IS-Coupe
  12. LEXUS showed pictures at their dealer meeting last week in Las Vegas of a "sportscar" in the works. Many have said it was one of the most BEAUTIFUL designs they have ever seen. It came from the design team in California. The future will be AMAZING for Lexus, without a doubt. Everything but the GX and CT will be re-designed or "touched up" with the spindle grille. We should be getting a $80-$100K sportscoupe to rival MB and BMW.
    • Calty made the original SC400, so they know EPIC style! Eye-sore the next Benz SL, and it's fallen on it's new corporate face! http://www.leftlanenews.com/mercedes-benz-sl-class-2013.html The mighty Benz has had a bad, drunken makeover.  It's weak.  Now's the time to strike! BD
    • F1

      I can't wait for next year, we will be seeing growth for Lexus
  13. Somthing about this glimpse of the concept reminds me of the GRMN sports hybrid concept II that was shown at this year's Tokyo Motor Show this year.Could it be the Lexus version of a new MR2?
  14. VOTED SC after looking at this for a while-----the massive tires and projector headlamps seems saved for greatness----I  think we are looking at LF-SC--possibly SC 600H.   I hope and dream so----it will be an addition to my garage if so.
  15. maybe an LFA 2? :p  It looks really sporty and something about the wheels make it looks really low to the ground like a sports car... SC
  16. $100k version of the LFA with a different name.
  17. First Lexus makes me agonizingly wait to see what the LFA would look like, then the new GS, now THIS!!!!!! Lol... now I can't wait until January to see what it really is:-(
  18. It is said to be an all new 2+2 sports car based on the GS platform powered by a V6 hybrid. The look is somewhat Ferrari like.
  19. I say SC, I say this bc it looks like that concept drawing of the 2015 Lexus LC 600H. That drawing came out before the 'new face of Lexus' was brought into place. I think this is like the second take on that! I hope its still called the SC, I like the way that sounds, ver Sporty (OH! Sporty Coupe) (or Speedy Coupe) (or Sexy Coupe) LOL
  20. I really hope this turns out to be a two-door sooner or later. Remember how the LF-C concept gave us the 2gen IS, but the convertible didn't come out until much later? Let's hope this is different!