Next-Gen Lexus IS Hybrid?

Japanese magazine Best Car is reporting the next-generation Lexus IS will be coming this September, and will be available as a V6 hybrid capable of 58 MPG (4l/100kms) — here’s their photochop attempt at the third generation IS (click for a larger version):

Next Generation Lexus IS Hybrid

Considering the huge marketing push for the 2011 IS update, I have my doubts we’ll see the next-gen IS this year, especially with the new GS on its way. Add the fact that a V6 IS delivering 58 MPG would beat the four-cylinder CT 200h on gas mileage, and I’m pretty much skeptical on all points here.

(As for the photochop — I fully expect the next-gen IS to be an evolution of current IS design, but I still think there will be more to it than a revised front-end and some rear wheel bulges.)

[Via: Japanese Car Corner]