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Lexus Driver Assist Technologies HS 250h Review

Courtesy of Grant Winter from, this HS 250h video review focuses on three Lexus technologies that are increasingly found throughout the company’s lineup:

The first technology, Lane Keep Assist (begins at 0:50), is also found on the LS line, and the warning feature is used on the GX.

The second technology, the Wide-View Front Monitor (at 2:25), is similar to the Wide-View Side Monitor on the RX and Wide-View Front and Side Monitors on the GX and LX. 

The third technology, Lexus Enform with Safety Connect (at 2:37), replaces the older Lexus Link system, and is offered on all models save the SC. There is a demonstration of the call center Destination Assist function.

In the video, the narrator offers some droll reactions to the technologies, including reading from the owner’s manual about lane keep assist—er, so you don’t have to!

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