2011 Lexus IS F Instrument Panel in Action

I’ve been curious to see the Lexus IS F’s new instrument panel in action, and this video shows just that:

I like the trailing light that follows the tach needle — it’s a nice visual cue of the current revs.

I wasn’t sold on this new display right away — in photos, it can look unbalanced — but after seeing it live at the Paris Motor Show, the tachometer has an appealing simplicity and is countered by the info displays:

Lexus IS F Instrument Panel


  1. Pretty good although the first-generation IS is on par with this, imo.
  2. RDS

    Best gauge ever made on 4-door car !
  3. WorldofLuxury wrote:Pretty good although the first-generation IS is on par with this, imo.
    Yes,the chronograph speedometer is one of the coolest things ever.This is very nice too,and the trailing light reminded me of light sabers. Car nut and sci-fi geek.No wonder I'm single... ;-)
  4. True! The chronograph speedometer was very stylish and innovative. I am really sorry that Lexus didnt make it traditional with the 2IS. And I really hope for a comeback in the 3IS even though Im a bit sceptic about it..
  5. The IS sedan gets better an better. I Love the Gauges... one of the best I've ever seen... what other AMERICAN car has gauges this cool from factory ?? I cant think of any.. Nice. I WANNA SEE THE REST OF THIS VIDEO !
  6. Also.. the blue tech needle swinging back and fourth in the center like that must look really cool at night.
  7. thanks for the exhaustive search to highlight this feature that seems to be completely omitted by TMS! they could have made the tacho have a window for the gear position, rather that having so many lcd windows everywhere on the meter console. that dude who made his celica face plates to mimic the IS-F must surely be proud now...
  8. LOVE IT! but in my opinion there is no better looking gauge cluster than the 1st gen. IS300 This is a step towards that but does LEXUS not see the beauty and detail they had with that 1st gen cluster?? This is awesome though.