Lexus Japan Art Works: IS in Sunrise

Lexus Art Works IS in Sunrise

As part of their new Art Works initiative, Lexus Japan has teamed up with design studio Stone Designs to create some extremely unique interior options — the first of which is this Lexus IS in Sunrise:

Lexus IS in Sunrise Exterior

The IS in Sunrise is the only design we’ve seen previously, and it features a decidedly oceanic color scheme:

Lexus IS in Sunrise Art Works Interior

Here’s all the special touches:

The entire package is a bit of mishmash of color, but I have to admit, the piano white interior trim is pretty nice. More impressive to me are the LFA-style wheels:

Lexus IS with LFA Style Wheels

(Stone Designs also created a RX in Sunlight & GS in Sunset, which I’ll be posting shortly.)

[Source: Lexus Japan]