2011 Lexus IS Interior Option: Sunrise

Another detail about the 2011 Lexus IS has emerged — check out this brand new interior option, Sunrise, which is almost certainly limited to the Japanese market:

Lexus IS Interior: Sunrise

This is pushing at the very outer limits of interior color combinations, but I have to admire the very idea of these special editions — especially something so eccentric.

(That said, certainly not for me.)

(Thanks Charles!)


  1. Hi, And for RX, GS : :-)
  2. Um...no. Simply no. If I wanted that interior I'd let a pack of preschoolers loose with Behr premium paint and tell them to go crazy...
  3. ew.... How about a burgundy, or dark green...or a cream color lexus ?
  4. Interesting. That center armrest that looks like the LF-Ch's looks really cheap. Also, that new plastic color on the steering wheel and the additional plastic strip on the glovebox cover look downright cheap. But the availability of such an option is nice. @Lex’: Looks alright. The RX's and GS's are really nice!
  5. Ohh my god this is terrible.. I hope they just stick with making the IS250 more smooth and luxurious.. That was the main reason why I looked at the IS250 but this is killing the whole comfort, quaility and fine appointments sector.. If this is the case I will just switch back to the BMW (by the way the 5 series is looking very good)