Examining the 2013 Lexus ES Interior

One day after the new 2013 Lexus ES was revealed, let’s return to the photos and take a closer look at the interior — first off, here’s the wide-angle shot (click for a larger version):

2013 Lexus ES Interior

Clearly, the fourth-generation GS interior has set some guidelines that will be seen throughout the lineup — the analog clock between the center console vents, the wide horizontal instrument panel, the new Remote Touch controller, the sloping dashboard with the inset display, these are all design cues shared between the new ES and the released GS.

One other thing that ES & GS share is hidden behind the shifter — it looks like the new ES will have the Drive Mode Select (highlighted here with a red arrow):

Lexus ES 350 Drive Mode Select

The other leaked photo of the 2013 ES is a closeup of the instrument panel (click for a larger version):

2013 Lexus ES Interior Closeup

The LCD screen looks to be the 8″ standard display rather than the new 12.3″ optional display seen in the GS, though the space does appear to be large enough to accommodate the larger screen. Beyond that, there’s an interesting visual line running through the vents and wood trim that gives the dash a wedge shape — nice detail work there.

What do you think? Did I miss anything?