2013 Lexus ES Spotted in China!

2013 Lexus ES 250

The next-generation 2013 Lexus ES has been revealed by way of Chinese forum XCar — let’s start off with the full photo gallery:

Besides its larger size, the very first thing I notice about the new ES is the coupe-like roofline that glides down into the trunk:

2013 Lexus ES Roofline

More than anything, this line defines the car to me — it’s a bold statement by Lexus to change their best-selling sedan in such a strong manner, especially when the style and size bring to mind the flagship LS.

As for the rest of the exterior design, I’m not sold on the hoodline and the way it cuts across the front-end, but the side profile makes it all worth it:

2013 Lexus ES Side Profile

And then there’s the interior, which is such a quantum leap over the existing model that only a side-by-side comparison will do:

2013 Lexus ES Interior Comparison

As with the new GS, this ES interior could sell the car on its own — there’s simply no way to overstate the improvement compared to the current model and its teardrop center console.

Now, I try not to get too excited or too disappointed by leaked cameraphone photos, but the new ES looks like a homerun to me. What do you think?

[Source: XCar & Autohome] (Thanks to everyone that sent this in!)