2013 Lexus ES Spotted in China!

2013 Lexus ES 250

The next-generation 2013 Lexus ES has been revealed by way of Chinese forum XCar — let’s start off with the full photo gallery:

Besides its larger size, the very first thing I notice about the new ES is the coupe-like roofline that glides down into the trunk:

2013 Lexus ES Roofline

More than anything, this line defines the car to me — it’s a bold statement by Lexus to change their best-selling sedan in such a strong manner, especially when the style and size bring to mind the flagship LS.

As for the rest of the exterior design, I’m not sold on the hoodline and the way it cuts across the front-end, but the side profile makes it all worth it:

2013 Lexus ES Side Profile

And then there’s the interior, which is such a quantum leap over the existing model that only a side-by-side comparison will do:

2013 Lexus ES Interior Comparison

As with the new GS, this ES interior could sell the car on its own — there’s simply no way to overstate the improvement compared to the current model and its teardrop center console.

Now, I try not to get too excited or too disappointed by leaked cameraphone photos, but the new ES looks like a homerun to me. What do you think?

[Source: XCar & Autohome] (Thanks to everyone that sent this in!)


  1. People is gonna complain rear end looks like Hyundai Sonata ... it's expected because my friend keep saying that when GS is unveiled & this ES just a Carbon Copy of GS .
    • The Sonata looks like the Lexus not the Lexus. All Lexus Rear Lights are drawn.
    • Dont ever put Sonata and a Lexus in the same sentance... or even in the same idea at that. Anyone anywhere that says any Lexus looks like a hyundai... tell them stop dreaming. Being like Toyota/Lexus is Hyundai wet dream.
    • Plus how can the rear end looks like a Sonata when the Lexus was out 3 YEARS before the Sonata even came about ???????? Hyundai is the LAST auto maker ANYONE wants to copy.
    • But it IS the one that Lexus, BMW, and M-B are watching VERY carefully.  
  2. It's a ES250 ... Lexus , please put that in Malaysia too !
  3. I don't know.... Front: I can live with it I guess. Side: Is it me or the back half looks exactly like an LS?. Back: I don't know yet still digesting. But I am offended that a few comment above they said it looks like a hy**die. I despise all things hy**die/k*a/sams**g those brands can die right now. Any way, the back and tail lights has some resemblance with the new 5 series.
    • It's true about the rear door is trying to copy the flagship , Lexus LS ... the front end (the top section of the grille) looks like it wearing cap there , while headlight just looks alike the Facelifted RX . I'm not the one that said it looks a like , it's my friend ... I know Lexus History .
    • Highly intelligent comment.
  4. I CANT FREAKIN WAIT! @ Yong, tell them the new GS taillights look like the IS which debuted a few years earlier than the sonata. BAM.
    • I did , the Lexus IS & Lexus GS were made in 2005 ... which is 3 years before Hyundai launched their Sonata that most of my friend like ; I tried to explained but they just doesn't listen , so I'm just ignore them . By the way , I like the new Lexus ES's interior , it looks like Lexus GS ! I never like the pass 2 generation of Lexus ES , they're so old-ish for me , but the new one just EPIC !
    • Thomas, that front hood line is horrible but the rest looks great. i cant wait to see the IS and the LS since the ES is supposed to blow the buick out of the water. That means the LS must be superb
    • I see the overlap too. It's weird but maybe a bad camera angle. Gotta see it in person. Coming from someone who works in a lexus dealership, I'm happy to know sedan sales will be going up!!
    • The people at Lexus have described the new IS to me. They say the new IS series will be absolutely incredible looking with a angled, swept rear that will be VERY Bold in design, even in comparison to the new GS. Before long, Lexus will have an entirely re-designed, sporty, aggressive and beautiful lineup of cars that will be above the competition.
  5. Oh wow, I'm glad they don't sell this in Europe. Rear end looks decent, so does the side profile, and its always nice with a panorama glass roof. But, what the heck is going on up front? Just look how wierd the hood folds on the rest of the body. And how the part which seperates the hood from the grill looks like a bruised upper lip. On the interior side, it's definately an improvement, but I'm not too sure about the lower part of the center console. Don't get me wrong, I love Lexus, but this thing is not the way to go concerning design. Crossing my fingers for the next IS, may it not look anything like this...
    • At least they started to use Analog Clock instead of the Digital Clock that looks like my 1989 Toyota Corolla .
    • Isn't an "analog" clock more outdated as opposed to a "digital" clock? Or the analog clock considered more of a classy thing than a digital display? I've never had a car with an analog clock in it before so seeing it in the GS was new to me.
    • Analog Clock is more classy , Digital Clock doesn't really "modern" because Toyota use the same (I'm not 100% confirm it's the same but 99% sure it is) Digital Clock for over 21 years without a change ! That Digital Clock there made people think Toyota/Lexus just doesn't know how to made new Clock . But I've to said that Digital Clock is amazing , it's working very well on my Corolla (even my Sister's Corolla , same but different color & slightly newer) , even it's over 20 years old !
    • Thanks for the explanation. I figured it was because the analog clock looked more luxurious... I think you're right that they use the same green digital clock between the Toyota and Lexus models. I saw the 2006-2008 IS had a white digital clock (which was actually quite nice!) but they switched it back to green in the 2009-2012 IS, which I have. :(
    • Of course.  From the 1920's onward, analog clocks were all that were available in any car.   Sorry, but this a step backward.  Needless and certainly not "classy."  Except perhaps for those who have no...class.  Otherwise, the car looks terrific.
    • I have to disagree.I would sooner wear a Seiko watch over a digital Casio.
    • psi

      Totally agree with Jonas' comment. Ugh on the front end. Just awful.
    • Ron

       I think the front looks like the production people saw a way to save money a took it.  What a boondoggle. 
  6. The ES is just a spruced up Toyota Camry.
  7. I still like it overall... maybe I'm not too shocked by these designs anymore because I already expected some design hints from the new GS. The rear and overall shape looks good too me. Front isn't bad either but the hood going over the front grill is gonna take some getting used to. I hope the next IS and LS will look better though.
    • I was also expecting design hints from the new GS, after all it is the new design direction. But, the interpretation of the new direction could have been done much better here. After meeting the LF-LC concept, it's certainly not the competence that's lacking.
  8. I've just downloaded Lexus ES240/350 brochure from Lexus China , it listed the Panorama Glass Roof is standard equipment for any Lexus ES , so I expected it'll be the same on 2013 model !
  9. Simply Gorgeous!
  10. The first picture made it look like the new Scion tC, but the rest totally changed my mind!
  11. so LEXUS want to different line up one FWD for luxury contain from ES then may be a new generation HS  & one for sport RWD/AWD LS , GS , SC , IS , CT that ES not less than 1.95 m which means it will be the flagship of the FWD models and after the rendering of the next sport LS that make a lot of sense  lineup to compete American , lineup to compete European please anybody reply me if that true or not please
  12. Overall the design fits nicely in the "new" style.  A little dissapointed by no chrome accent on lower doors, heated and ventilated seats are still the "old" dials that don't have auto-shutoff and the shift knob is stil too tall and skinny.  I am sure that the fit and finish will be stunning as well as the Lexus drive.
  13. its nice, much better looking then my 04 ES.  I still like the new GS better.  
  14. I am questioning the validity of the pictures.  Look at the rear of the car.  Why does it say, "Lexus?" I thought they did away with putting Lexus in writing on the rear decklid..........I also do not like jow the front of the hood abruptly cuts across the front end clip of the car as is more evident in lighter paint shades..
  15. When Haters see how sweet this is, they're gonna hate it more than Floyd Mayweather hates Jeremy Lin! BD
  16. I wish they could've done a better job getting that hood opening together with the grille Same with the new 3-series Surprised the tailpipes are bumper-integrated..... BD
  17. Best picture goes to the one with sexy red GS in full view
  18. Is this car legit or knockoff?(its China afterall) haha. But if 'ts real, that interior is 1000000x nicer than the past gens. The outside of the car kinda looks like a teenager LS with a bit of muscle.
  19. Chances Lexus drops the price of the ES down to $34,995? The Camry has a nice price cut, to rebuild market share Same in store for the platform-mate ES? BD
  20. Suddenly the GS looks so much better!
  21. The rear reminds me of the new Camry in China... But, its sexy though! And do I see a 3-Zone climate control button?
  22. Jay

    Very nice indeed. I don't mind the hoodline so much. The profile, rear, and interior look fantastic. However I do have 2 requests: 1. Please make an F Sport Variant available even in the hybrid. 2. Please trim the doors with leather, not acres of hard plastic like in the current generation ES.
  23. This is a Camry with lipstick!
  24. OMG Lexus is doing there thing they aint playing with nobody. I love this Great Look!!!!! I would get Black with the burned orange leather with the pano roof...CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!
  25. It won't go on sale for 4-5 months There is still the chance they can fix that hoodline by then, if we let them know it's a problem....... BD
    • the first thing when i saw that hood and front face the HONDA CRX
    • They can't change it, it is way too late. It would require re-tooling and further testing. This design was approved in 2009 at the same time the 2012 Camry was and that surfaced last summer. The current ES design was approved in 2004, this one was just delayed. Everything debuting this year(except facelifts) was approved between 2009 and early 2011.
  26. This car just does not look good. I'm not sure if its the color or if the design is simply that bad, but it gives off the impression of endless plastic. Does not look sleek or luxurious by any means. Clunky, even.
  27. This thing looks like a bloated HS that needs to lose some weight. I love Lexus, and I'm an enthusiast, but I'm being honest here - this thing is hideous from every angle. The sides are just FLAT with no character. The front looks like an unsuccessful mix of the HS and '13 GS, and the back looks like a Sonata that has been over-rounded at every angle. The interior appears to be vastly improved apart from the huge hole for the nav screen, and then a much smaller screen clearly visible inside the hole... Hopefully it will look more appealing in person; they often do.
  28. Lexus fired ALL their designers don't they........all they left now is a photo copier...........with a resize button......
  29. AP

     An absolute disaster. I can't believe someone signed off on this.
  30. I see the power rear sunshade is in effect, and a panoramic roof might be standard? BD
  31. When I first saw this image . . . dare I say it . . . Hyundai flashed through my mind . . . I must admit . . . I was expecting more . . . Here's my '08 compared to the 2013 . . .  what do you think?
    • The subtle changes help the 2013 a lot. People like the Sonatas styling, so if you (wrongly) think of Sonata, accept that as a more stylish upgrade, and move on..... BD
    • Actually my first thought was of the current LS.  To be more specific . . . I think it was the side profile of the taillight that reminded me of the Hyundai . . . or even Kia Optima (?)  Anyway, I am trying to like the new spindle grill.  My wife says it reminds her of Darth Vader's helmet.  Hmmm . . .
    • Dont ever put Sonata and a Lexus in the same sentance... or even in the same idea at that. Anyone anywhere that says any Lexus looks like a hyundai... tell them stop dreaming. Being like Toyota/Lexus is Hyundai wet dream.
    • Both have 4 wheels.  And windows too.
    • RAL

      You are so observant!
    • Not even close, your 08 is light years ahead in style, looks and class...
  32. the New ES isnt bad really.  i think in person it will have much more charm
  33. Regardless of who approved the design, this will still eat into the GS sales. I love the GS since the 1st gen up to the 4th gen, but no matter what, the ES will just eclipse the GS in sales. I think it's because the ES is bigger (more interior space), has the same design langauge with the new GS, and has about the same amount or more features.
    • Never has before.  This targets a very different market This is $10k less, and has no sporting pretensions, giving up about 20HP to the GS (I'm expecting a bump to 285HP). This is a straight luxury car. GS courts sports sedan drivers, more aggressive drivers. BD
    • If you look at the sales charts listed on this site, the ES sells at least 2x more than the GS.
    • to add on, I do know that they are target at a different market, but still, how many Lexus driver's want a sporty, aggressive sedan. I for one wants one, but the person next to me probably wants a soft comforable ride. I've seen some customer's here cross shopping between the ES and GS and even cross shopped an IS and ES. All I did was shake my head and walked away.
    • ES sells more because it cost significantly less.  They aren't going for the same buyer.  Never have. Most $35k cars outsell $50k cars by a significant amount, because of the price GS is also RWD.  Big difference from how a FWD will drive too. BD
    • As far as being RWD or FWD doesn't really matter to an average consumer who is just shopping for a cheap luxury car. I'm not saying that the ES is cheap, but it has been proven by BMW that most people do not know that their 1 series is RWD. I know a car enthusiast like you and me would pick a RWD sport sedan over a FWD anyday. They drive better, handles so much better and just fun to drive (depending on how it's tuned.)
    • just remember that the GS sales will be much more high in  EUROPE LEXUS is not just about USA JAPAN & EUROPE do not like the FWD big models i think ES just for NA & CHINA just to compete with BUICK nothing more but the core World Wide mid size luxury will go to the GS
    • That's because the ES was discontinued in that market and in Australia and never existed with the launch of Lexus in Japan
    • good catch the ES is not found in it's own mother market
  34. not satisfied..... reminds me of the Chinese car Top gear reviewed a few weeks back.. http://www.google.co.in/imgres?imgurl=http://www.thetycho.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/guangzhou-auto-trumpchi-china-car-1-458x355.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.carnewschina.com/2010/08/21/guangzhou-auto-trumpchi-naked/&h=355&w=458&sz=38&tbnid=66E_OgtJx_UZJM:&tbnh=102&tbnw=131&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dtrumpchi%26tbm%3Disch%26tbo%3Du&zoom=1&q=trumpchi&docid=CRSTNW75s01GlM&sa=X&ei=-HBET7uBApGIrAew1dGcDw&ved=0CEoQ9QEwBQ&dur=848 
  35. I really hope that knob is for an adjustable suspension to firm it up for some spirited driving. What do u think?
    • Why would u want spirited driving in a ES ? a bit more responsive yes but it doesnt need it its meant to be smooth.
    • Because the ES as-is is simply too cushy for some people. It's nice to have an option u know. And yes, I know there is a GS model. I work for Lexus... Not everyone has or wants to spend the extra 10k. Damn.
    • Thats like buying a royce royce phantom and crying about it being too comfy and soft... or on the oppsite end buying a Enzo and complaning about it being too stiff.. you cant have ya cake and eat it too you got to kno what you getting.      The ES is a cushy and comfort car and that alone sales ALOT more then the idea of a performance car that for one no one ever does hard corning or public streets and firm suspention mean feeling the pot holes in your rear end. This doesnt appeal to alot of people. Theres two kinds of people.. people who want an intense ride and those that want a comfy one. Theres nothing wrong with either and the ES tailors to the comfy side.
    • Regardless, let's not get too worked up about this until we know more facts.
    • if you want spirited driving you simply go to GS
    • I am speaking for the sales that were lost because the younger luxury crowd tend to prefer a tad firmer ride. Thanks for your opinion.
    • Well that younger crowd has the GS and IS line to pick from if they want a tid firmer ride. Thats like buying a royce royce phantom and crying about it being too comfy and soft... or on the oppsite end buying a Enzo and complaning about it being to stiff.. you cant have ya cake and eat it too you got to kno what you getting.
    • that's exactly my point i think LEXUS will make 2 separate lineups inside it one for comfort Luxury which the ES will be it's flagship and may be we see a next new generation HS and other model the other lineup is the core internationally lineup for the spirited driving with the LS as it's flagship passing by SC then GS and then IS till the CT with LFA in it's upper price range
    • You are being too one track minded. Go drive the new GS and tell me you don't want the ability to change up the driving dynamics a lil on the ES. Lexus did a great job with with the GS ride and it looks like the option could be available on the ES based on the interior shot. We can agree to disagree....
    • I have a feeling the ES Drive Mode Select Knob will focus mostly on the throttle curve, like the CT.  An ES with a variable suspension is an interesting idea, but I doubt there's a big enough market to justify the expense.
  36. The interior is awesome
  37. I think its a SUBSTANCIAL upgrade to the current model... in almost everyway looks much more upscale and rich. The current ES is a wonderful smooth operating car and is built very nice theres not a thing wrong with it but this new model looks to be leaps better.... cant wait to see whats new with it. By far the most substancial car in its class. The new luxury in this ES is sure to be amazing... im already thinking about a drop with some nice wheels :-D
  38. I see now that the "spindle" grille idea was a stupid idea from Lexus. Now they are forced to put it on theire cars no matter how awful it looks.
    •  Its not that the spindle Grille idea is stupid, its just the way they implemented it is stupid.  The Es has those chrome fangs on it whereas the Gs dosent..shape is different.  just looks weird.  i think if theyre gonna do a grille design, it needs to be very similar across the board.  the way the grille dosent touch the front of the hood is just awkward looking. 
    • All that's really changing from ES to GS to RX is the length of the chrome along the sides of the grille-- the overall shape is the same.
    • The GS has those ugly chrome-fangs too. Only shorter. The chrome strip on the current CT's grille with just a hint of "fangs" is what they should have gone with all over the line.
    • The spindle grille isn't stupid at all, you just don't like it. Big difference.
    • I still would say it's really stupid idea to put something on a car that lot's of people are laughing at(read internet comments) and some(mostly fans) are saying they "might learn to like". Bottom line is; it's bad design work.
    • att : Thomas - i must say that i completely and whole-heartedly disagree with your comment. I like the spindle grille and reserve no hesitation suggesting it will serve the image of Lexus well. My opinion ... Lexus is heading in a good direction.
  39. Kbk

    Let me hear some one say they want a manual transmission. And a turbocharger. And 26 inch wheels. Like they use too. People are stupid sometimes.
  40. Can see the strong resemblance between this ES and the 2012 Asian Camry. Just released how similar they look. Shockingly similar cues. However, I quite like it. Looks much better than the current model. The fluid coupe silhouette is sexy. 
  41. Oh, come on, Lexus!  It looks too much like the GS!    I knew this was going to happen when Lexus began forcing the spindle grill design on everything.  Now the models are starting to look like each other.  It's like Lexus is trying to walk the same route as Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Cadillac, etc.
    • Now everybody has a design identity BMW has the kidney grille Lexus has the spindle Audi has a gaping hole And Mercedes has that hot mess...... BD
    •  The problem with doing that is that all the cars end up looking the same.  Do you really want your LS be mistaken for an ES?
    • The C-Class and the S-Class looked the same for years.   The A4 and A8 look almost exactly alikeNobody complained.....And the grilles, the bumpers, the front clip, are all different on the GS and ESYou don't see that?BD
    • Agreed -- and while these models may look alike, it's nothing compared to the "same sausage, different sizes" problem that Audi & BMW have. There's still some individuality. 
    • I have to think that Lexus has some big things planned for the new LS if the ES looks this good -- however, this new design identity is here to stay, and all Lexus models are going to share a lot of similar characteristics.
    • Better for those who have thier ES mistaken for an LS !! Spindle grille will be a good image builder for Lexus. 
  42. Great job, I quite like it.  The new interior is way better than the ongoing model.   Besides, the front grille where the chrome goes all the way don to the bumper is no surprise --  it is consistent to the newly revised RX as they have some kind of resemblance before...
  43. I really don't like this! The front looks ugly, I like the back's LS style but still an old idea already! My, the only improvement I like is the interior... The ES has become more aggressive with this new look, I thought the ES was like an old man's car?  This styling may not attract those who bought the ES in the past..I know I wouldn't!
    • Even though it's a big change from the current model, I still think this new ES is conservative enough that it will appeal to the same audience. I actually find it very classy.
  44. Kia Optima. That was the first thing I thought when I saw this; which is a good thing to me because I think it's one of the smartest styled sedan today. There are two things I don't like: one is the center console; it is too wide and plasticy. It really looks like it belongs in a Camry. That’s too bad because the rest of the dash is brilliant. Hopefully it will get changed before it gets to North America. The other is the hood line. Just the other week I was criticizing the new 3-series for having the same styling faux-pas. Why couldn’t they do like on the GS? Other than those things, I think Lexus has a winner. I am looking forward to seeing it in person.
    • I'm going to hold off on any criticism of the materials until I see the new ES in person -- these are pretty blown out photos and its tough to get a good feel in that regard. As for the hood line, I'm surprised at how prominent it is, and I do wonder if the hood is properly closed. Even so, it's going to be visible like the 3-series.
  45. MP

    Is that a four-cylinder-engine?
    • MT

      Yes it seems so. Most likely the 2AR-FE as found in the Camry. You can clearly see the four tubes (fourth on the left is covered by some additional sheet-metal) running to the cylinder head. So expect 180hp and 24/34 MPG city/highway consumption (a little down from the lighter camry).
    • I haven't really addressed the engine yet, but I would imagine it's the same 2.5 L 2AR-FE I4 engine seen in the Camry -- it's about the only thing this car appears to share with the Camry these days. 
  46. This design is boring. Why doesn't Lexus employ a designer?
  47. wow ... that is nice - very nice !! Infact, i like it alot. While i am a self confessed Lexus enthusiast, the style of the ES however has never cut it for me. However ... this new model looks great. I am really liking the direction Lexus is heading especially with the new spindle grille look across the range. And ... more & more F-Sport derivatives. Great job Lexus, keep up the effort.
  48. It reminds me of the model before the last one. The one with halfway to the windshield headlights. 
  49. I really like the new ES! The way the edge of the hood goes over the grille is similar to the fourth generation ES.  http://images.jaxsportscars.com/pictures/44579144.jpg And I love the wheel design on this ES! I think it's so much better than the current twin 5-spoke design.  The only thing I don't really like about this ES is that the shift knob is the same as the current shift knob. I know I'm not a very creative person and I can't think of anything, but I was hoping that Lexus designers could have designed a new knob for the future ES. 
  50. And this ES looks nothing like the GS in my opinion. The spindle grille in the ES curves outward which the GS doesn't so it gives a different type emotion.  Don't yell at me. 
  51. I said i hated the GS when those camera phone pictures with it in white...then professional pics and an in-person sighting, i loved it. Now i dont dig the ES here, but with better quality pics and seeing it in person i think ill like it.
  52. It's  bust, I'm indeed a Lexus fan, but Lexus missed the boat on this design. I was really hoping that Lexus would deliver a knockout punch to the competition, but I don't believe they will. The car is simply ugly, it looks like somebodys grandma's car. The car has no character, just bland through and through. This design doesn't come close to the previous model. I'll keep my 09 ES.  Yeah they must have really fired all their designers BIG MISTAKE!!
  53. The new camry and avalon actually looks better (inside and out) than this Lexus.
  54. Lexus will not take the US selling crown from Mercedes nor BMW. Both cars look way better than this new design. How did they screw up so bad??
  55. I'm sorry but that seam across the front of the hood is just gross and so un-Lexus like.  A reference to the air slot on the LFA maybe?  I'm trying hard to appreciate the aggressive new front ends on these cars but some of the details make my stomach churn.
  56. Jay

    Really, really, really hoping pricing for a well equipped hybrid version will be under $40k.
  57. I like the fact that Lexus can enhance the design of the ES, but I don't like at all that is going to be like a "second GS"... Is so hard to try to design a bit different model, not over the GS? Any way, I insist, I would like to see this model also in Western Europe, not only Russia and Ukraine.
  58. When I see BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, Audi etc, they all have faces that we can identify! Lexus has had their face for twenty 20 yrs or so, and now they change it. Why? These other carmakers have identity and tradition. Lexus seems to have lost theirs.
  59. (why did my comment get deleted?)  I really like this ES! The way the hood goes over the grille reminds me of the fourth generation ES but the fourth gen's grille is a little more subtle. I love the wheel designs on this ES though! It's way better than the current twin 5-spoke.  The only thing I don't like about this ES is the shift knob. Why couldn't they design a new shift knob instead of using the current one?
    • Nice point about the hood looking like the fourth-gen ES, didn't even think of that. As for the shift knob, I was surprised they didn't bring over the one from the new GS. P.S. your comment didn't get deleted, it's right here: http://lexusenthusiast.com/2012/02/21/2013-lexus-es-spotted-in-china/#comment-447381666
    • I thought the same. Can't believe they are using the same shift knob from the previous generation, same as the cruise control which is also used in several Toyota's models.
  60. I don't really that extra "lip" but I prefer the look of this to the GS overall.. the GS is so bmw like.  I'm only 25, but I've gone from wanting the GS to wanting the LS in less than a year lol.. This new ES is probably a good compromise.  I bet the ride is super smooth as usual!
  61. IMO the GS beats the ES  in looks hands down, both exterior and interior (especially interior).
  62. I love Lexus... But i just want to say, Lexus is losing that distinguishing style between its models.... it used to be that all the Lexus models are different in some way but the grill, lines, the center console with touchscreen etc. are made similar to ensure ppl know it's a Lexus. Now, it looks like alll the models are going to look very similar at the front coz of the new L-finess with the "tears-like" LED and the new spindle grill.... i really wish that Lexus kept the two separate front lights on the GS as a tradition... each car really has to be a lil different not only inside, but outside too.... Lexus is giving me a feeling that the sedans are all gonna be alike at the front... soon, the way to tease each model apart is by looking at the size of the car if it's on the on-coming traffic side of the road.... but still, a Lexus is a Lexus, i drive one and I love it everyday!
  63. Don't think Auzzies would mind it too much Down Under.
  64. MT

    I now got confirmation that it has three powertrains: 2GR-FE 3,5 V6, 2AR-FE 2,5 I4, 2AR-FXE 2,5 I4 hybrid. So the powertrains are all the same as in the camry. The car is a little heavier than camry, so expect fuel economy down one or two clicks as well.
  65. I find the exterior and ugly. Just one guy's opinion.
  66. I also find the interior ugly. 
  67. I was under the impression that the exhaust portals through the rear bumper was going to become Lexus' "thing", after the LS popularized it 5 years ago.   Would like to see that throughout the lineup..... BD
  68. Keep this ugly car in China please!!!