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Mystery Lexus LFA Prototype Video

New video footage has surfaced of the mysterious Lexus LFA prototype which was captured by spy photographers last week: Upon viewing the vehicle in motion on the streets of Southern California, more questions arise: is the quiet sound indicative of the media speculation that this is a plug-in hybrid prototype?  Are the aft-mounted radiators from …
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Lexus LFA Plug-in Hybrid Spotted?

Spy photographers have captured a strange looking Lexus prototype that almost looks like a plug-in hybrid LFA: The outer shell looks cast-off of an old LFA prototype, and has camouflaged section on the front left fender that could indicate a electric plug, though this area has also been used as an additional gas tank on …
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Lexus LFA Uncovered!

Only hours before its official launch at the Tokyo Motor Show, a video has been posted showing the uncovered Lexus LFA in all its glory: Not only that, two Lexus LFAs has been spotted in Miami by NAGTROC member Adrey, presumably for a press launch tomorrow: {embed=“site/gallery” gallery_id=“1391”}
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2010 Lexus GX Spy Shots!

Even with the introduction of next-generation Lexus GX right around the corner, there have only been spy shots of the closely-related Toyota Prado—that is, until the real deal was caught out in the California desert yesterday. First, a couple photos from Edmunds: Also, some additional photos from Leftlane News: Not much detail is given away, …
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New Lexus LFA Spy Video

Stop everything and watch this video of the close-to-production Lexus LFA howling round Nürburgring: This car looks and sounds demonic, very exciting when you consider how close this will be to the real thing. Can not wait to see the production LFA. (Thanks Roberto!)
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More Lexus LFA Spy Shots

More Lexus LFA photos are making their way online—World Car Fans has posted some additional images showing the supercar prototype at Nürburgring with its rear wing fully extended and the redesigned rear window air scoops visible: The LFA concepts have always been impressive, but this polishing towards production has the supercar looking better than ever. …
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New Lexus LFA Spy Shots

A reworked Lexus LFA has been spotted, sporting some vinyl camouflage and looking much closer to production than ever before: Most of the changes over the last-seen mule are in the more aggressive front-end, but the whole vehicle looks more polished and sleek. Motor Authority also has some spy shots, including this brief look at …
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Car Magazine Spies the Lexus LF-A

Including three spy-photos of a practically-production version, Car Magazine has hit with some Lexus LF-A news: As the engine rules in F1 have changed, so has the powerplant under development for the LF-A. It now has a V10 petrol engine of just under 5.0 litres capacity, said to develop a muscly 500bhp for 200mph performance. …
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Are We Looking at the New Lexus JX?

Edmund’s Straightline Blog has some interesting analysis of the recent 2009 RX spy shots, suggesting that it’s not a RX at all, but an all-new model, the Lexus JX: What’s a JX 460? It’s yet another luxury sport ute, but unlike the softly sprung RX, the JX will be a performance-oriented crossover along the lines …
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Lexus IS-F Prototype Filmed on the Streets of LA

You can forgive the shakiness of this cameraman, it’s not every day you see a IS-F prototype sitting at a stoplight: What stands out most for me are the wheels, they’re absolutely fantastic and easily my favourite design from Lexus yet. Still can’t say I’m feeling those massive side vents though. But the one thing …
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Lexus LF-A Spotted at Nürburgring

World Car Fans has some fresh-off-the-track spy shots of the upcoming Lexus LF-A, which now sports a shop class spoiler and some honest-to-goodness rear view mirrors: The V-10 super car has stayed quite close to its original concept, with the only noticeable differences being the aforementioned spolier and some minor bumper and light housing differences. …