2013 Lexus ES 300h Interior Photos

2013 Lexus ES 300h Interior

Next up are these photos of the 2013 Lexus ES interior:

Hard to talk about the ES hybrid interior without mentioning the bamboo wood trim, which is much darker than what we’ve seen in the CT & GS — as described in my ES overview, this is to reduce windshield glare.


  1. There isn't much truck space.  Krew, do you know the specifics on cubic feet?.  It definitely looks smaller then my 04 ES.  They also took out the ski pass through, (or in my case, hockey sticks) but i guess that was needed for the batteries.   I might have a hard time putting my camera equipment back there.... :/  I wish the ES had the larger screen like the GS but overall it looks sharp!
  2. I really hope Lexus can adopted floor paddle , because it's really is more comfort when driving (I know Crown have it though) ... I like how they combined the Hybrid Gauge & Tachometer , I expect it can be done but just depends if they wanted it , or not . As for the trunk space , the picture is from ES300h , have to see how they done on ES350 .
  3. jd

    Noticeably absent are the side window defrost vents on the front doors, which are now up on the dash. The former location works so fast, and says: luxury car. The '07-12 model side defrost resembles the LS. Sorry to see them relegated to the dashboard. Call me old school, but I also will miss the six disc cd/dvd changer, with the Mark Levinson system I'm currently enjoying.
    • I've to agree it looks better on door , now I would be interest to know why they reposition it ... I do hope it's changed because of functional issue .
  4. Love it! My future car.
  5. i just got the es 350 its niceeeeeeeeeeee