2012 Lexus GS Interior Photo Gallery

2012 Lexus GS Interior

There was a torrent of information about the next-generation Lexus GS released today, so while I’d like to take my time reading through each of the reviews, I also thought it would be a good idea to collect all the interior photos in one convenient gallery:

These interiors (the white/black interior in the standard GS, the red/black interior in the F-Sport edition) mark a significant departure from both the current GS and almost every other Lexus interior, save the CT 200h (and maybe the RX, in some respects). Instead, much of the inspiration seems to come from GS competitors, and reads like a Japanese interpretation of what a German sports sedan interior should look like.

It might be too stark, too teutonic, if it wasn’t for that essential material quality that Lexus is famous for — the leather looks rich, especially in the vibrant red of the F-Sport model, and all the surfaces remind me of the LS 460, an interior benchmark if ever there was one.

Granted, there’s still plenty of tape masking plenty of the interior, but I can’t help but be impressed by what I’ve seen today. 優秀な作品、レクサスチーム!

[Source: Motor Trend, Car & Driver & Inside Line]


  1. the dash looks taller/bulkier than the current model
  2. i like the upper part of the dash and its leather top and navigation but i have concerns about the bottom part hope i like it when it is officially appear
  3. Lovin' that red leather. I'm glad Lexus is getting more creative with interior customization. They really do listen to customers.
  4. Is it clear there will be an all wheel drive option?  I live in the northeast and you can't get away with rear wheel drive.  All three of the models that are scheduled to be rolled out appear to be rear wheel drive.
    • PG

      According to to Car & Driver there will be an AWD option by the middle of next year. http://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/car/11q3/2012_lexus_gs350-prototype_drive
    • PG

      According to to Car & Driver there will be an AWD option by the middle of next year. http://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/car/11q3/2012_lexus_gs350-prototype_drive
  5. Yup, this is officially gonna truly compete with the 5 series..
  6. Thats awesome!
  7. This interior looks awesome!!!  
  8. Looks good, with many LFA- and CT-details in it. Hope to see no petrols in Europe, just Hybrids!
  9. GOD!!!! It has a shroud around the gear selector base which I dislike in the extreme! The only other Lexus to have this is the GX460. Oh, Lexus! Where art thou going?!  :-(((((((
    • Im surprised more people haven't said that !!! The shroud around the gear box looks HORRIBLE !!!!!   Whats was Lexus thinking ??? noooooooo   : (    I like the current gen instrument gauges better also with the glass and shiny look to them... this look boring with the all black like that. 
    • If you look at this pic of a Euro prototype it has a normal selector gate - http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/front_website/gallery.php?id=453082
    • Well said, Travis. The current instruments have a shiny metallic gauge face, while this looks too plain like the ES. The interior also looks too BLACK, so far we have seen white,red & tan leather color options for the seats,console & doors only. The rest is all black instead of the 2-tone colors of today like beige/brown, light grey/dark grey etc.
  10. Looks like there's no way on earth I'm going to even remotely consider replacing my current shape GS300 with this.... the end of an iconic automobile!
  11. PG

    This seems to be one of the greatest interiors out there, hands down! Very sporty, exactly what Lexus needs. Also more in line with what we Europeans like. And look at that screen, it's HUGE. Possibly even bigger than the one in the 5 series, IIRC the biggest in in the entire industry!
  12. Americans who buy the LS, current GS, will not like this.. But people who buy the European alternatives would consider this.. I.e 5 series customers, Audi customers etc etc
  13. What kind of spy shots is this??? -_________-"
  14. I currently have a LS 430 and I LOVE this interior. As long as the tape is covering up wood and not some fake metal or carbon fiber. My biggest complaint about the current GS is the interior. My concern now is the exterior of the new one (I love the exterior of the current GS).
  15. My gut instinct that the new GS would be very,very much to my tastes even for a Lexus would seem to be spot on.
  16. Wow... doesnt look like any past Lexus interior.  Look good non the less ! I like the past and future interiors. The current interiors look more classy this look more sporty and modern.
  17. Also... where are pic of the back seats???  This is a foor door isnt it ? ;p;
  18. ANOTHER interior shot from the GS 250! :]] TAN, it shows the CD player untapped.
    • That is a hybrid, right?! A 250h? That red light on top of the dash indicates a hybrid, doesnt it?!
    • The red light might meant of the Sport Mode ... and it might be a Hybrid like you said because it have the numbering at center of the gauge instead of just besides the circle . I guess the rev-meter can be changed into battery-meter by turning the switch behind the gear . Since Eddie said it's a GS250 , I expect it's a GS250h & it might be powered by something like 2.4-liter L4 with Hybrid ? Because Lexus normally called it's Hybrid with a higher number than the real displacement of the engine is .
    • A worrying thing is that, the audio controls (e.g. volume and tune dials, scan and up/down buttons) are all gone. Wouldn't that be a bit inconvenient having to use the Remote Touch System every time?
    • Or maybe it's operated by the 2 knob besides the Disc-hole ?
    • It might be controller on the screen as I see the screen is much like a ... erm , touch screen .
  19. Thanks for these shots together. Seems one is F-sport and the other is base (light leather). While Germanish, it is growing on me and materials seem to be first rate. So happy Lexus is giving so many color options!
  20. Very sterile.. I don't like it.  Too much like a 5 series.  I could understand making performance and handling more like a 5 series, but not the interior.  This looks very cold.