2012 Lexus GS Interior Photo Gallery

2012 Lexus GS Interior

There was a torrent of information about the next-generation Lexus GS released today, so while I’d like to take my time reading through each of the reviews, I also thought it would be a good idea to collect all the interior photos in one convenient gallery:

These interiors (the white/black interior in the standard GS, the red/black interior in the F-Sport edition) mark a significant departure from both the current GS and almost every other Lexus interior, save the CT 200h (and maybe the RX, in some respects). Instead, much of the inspiration seems to come from GS competitors, and reads like a Japanese interpretation of what a German sports sedan interior should look like.

It might be too stark, too teutonic, if it wasn’t for that essential material quality that Lexus is famous for — the leather looks rich, especially in the vibrant red of the F-Sport model, and all the surfaces remind me of the LS 460, an interior benchmark if ever there was one.

Granted, there’s still plenty of tape masking plenty of the interior, but I can’t help but be impressed by what I’ve seen today. 優秀な作品、レクサスチーム!

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