TOM’S Releases Lexus CT 200h Cup Holders?

Lexus CT 200h Cup Holder by TOM'sTOM’S, the factory-authorized Lexus tuner in Japan, has taken a break from designing aero kits and turbochargers to release two CT 200h cup holders.

The first cup holder (¥8,400/$104 USD) is meant to be attached just below the driver side air vent, and the second (¥12,600/$154 USD) clicks into the spot meant for the media holder accessory — no word yet on availability, and likely JDM all the way.

Check out the TOM’S Lexus CT Cup Holders


  1. They need to make some for the back seat, since there are NONE back there!
  2. JDM aftermarket cup holders?  totally worth it!...
  3. Cup holder ? What for ? For training driving without the water inside the cup spill out ? XD
  4. Those are quite pricey.