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Lexus LX 570 with Orange Leather Interior

According to Drive Arabia, the Middle East edition of the 2011 Lexus LX 570 is offered with an orange leather interior:

Lexus LX Orange Interior

Lexus LX Orange Interior Front Seats

Lexus LX Orange Interior Rear Seats

Far too intense for my liking, but unique enough that I can see the appeal — though I wouldn’t be holding out for this option to be available in North America any time soon.

[Source: Drive Arabia via Club Lexus]

Nice change. I'm glad Lexus finally decided to switch to a full-on black interior instead of that ugly gray one. And it's just nasty how little leather and wood is in this car!
  • J
  • November 9, 2010
isnt that just like the saddle color used on the US cars? or the terra cotta IS?
  • D
  • November 9, 2010
orange and wood....not a great combination..
  • E
  • November 9, 2010
Personally I'm all for Lexus being a bit bolder in terms of interior (and exterior,for that matter) colours. Not a bad word about the black,gray and ivory interiors,but there's no harm in trying something new.
  • E
  • November 10, 2010
I am all for getting some different interior colors in Lexuses, but as usual they seem to get the color wrong. Whats wrong with a nice warm saddle, or camel, like what used to be in the SC 430. This looks like a basketball exploded in it.