Four Lexus LFAs All Together

Here’s something you don’t see every day — four Lexus LFAs all together:

I was surprised to see that the Pearl Yellow LFA featured is not the same one we’ve seen previously, but instead a brand-new car with a Camel Yellow interior — check out some of these screenshots:

Camel Yellow Lexus LFA Interior Steering Wheel

Camel Yellow Lexus LFA Interior Center Console

Beautiful interior color, it just looks so luxurious. Top choice.

(Thanks Roberto!)


  1. I think I just swallowed my tongue!
  2. mmm... my sweet tooth is getting a heard start for Halloween!
  3. after looking at the data... I think Lexus made a wrong strategy plan with their price... at $150,000, it would make this car a customer car... everyone would consider this before any of their competitors... but at $400,000 with less performance than an R8? this is just wrong... sorry!!
  4. JVX

    Lexus just made my day.
  5. @Sean: Are you mad?? R8 V10 has nothing on the LFA as was shown in "Battle of the supercar". When LFA was using launch control system (only in 0 - 100 - mph test), it was killing the R8 V10 by 4 car lengths even before 100 mph. Around the road course, LFA finished a full 1 second ahead on a tiny 1-mile circuit (or 10 car lengths at 114 mph). Around Nurburgring, LFA's lap time is 10 second faster than that of R8 V10.
  6. Plus it is the consumer that dictates the price. Being only 500 ever produced with exotic materials and technologically more advanced than 99% cars, the consumers determine what they are willing to pay and since all 500 are sold out, your argument holds no weight.
  7. Heck, even Lamborghini LP570-4 Superleggera (let alone R8 V10) with super-slick tires could not equal LFA's Nurburgring lap time with the same driver in the latest AutoBild supercomparo of supercars.
  8. WOW! That interior is stunning! I really wish they could do something like that on their regular cars. Instead they try to do two-tones and seem to always get it wrong. The last time I saw a Lexus with an interior that impressed me was in a SC 430. I am so sick of the same old black, gray, or beige (or putty as my wife calls it). I love the rich look of that brown in the LFA, though I have no idea why in the world it's called "camel yellow". I know "camel" is what it was called in the SC 430, but where did they get "yellow" from.
  9. [s]sean[/s] did you watched the video :-0???....didnt you hear the guy sayin that he cant drive the lfa n he's still betin the r8,,,anyway ,, what a beautiful interior ,just amazing car
  10. FANTASTIC INTERIOR ! Lexus leather is like no other on the planet----SMOOTH AS BUTTER !I think that the LS needs this color option to mix with the wonderful wood grains choices it offers----also, the dash ledge is incredible----this styling edge needs to carry down to the LS Flagshio with the LED Ambiance undermount lighting----would make the LS out of this world----I am truly excited to see what Lexus has up their sleeves on the new LS----I'm sure it will blow the detractors out of the sky~
  11. @Sean, sorry but I have to call your BS. I have no idea what 'Data' your frakin looking at. It must be from all the jealous mofo's and Lexus haters out there. 1: Standing Quarter mile LFA, 2: Quality & Build (Materials) LFA, 3: Top Speed LFA, 4: 'THE RING' LFA. Should I go on, Oh by the way an R8 has no HEART it shouldn't even be considered a super car. It has to borrow an engine from a LP-5**'s Gallardo. It ain't no Pagani so I can hate on it for borrowing an engine. If you data this > Chris Harris EVO said "FORGET THE PRICE TAG, THESE CARS ARE MADE FOR THOSE PEOPLE WHO DO NOT LOOK AT PRICE TAGS WHEN BUYING A CAR" Its a masterpiece of engineering. So all these haters talking about prices are just spiteful of the fact Lexus hit it pretty dead-on with their 1st hyper car attempt. Took Ferrari/Lambo/Mas/Porshhhh A FEW DECADES to get their act right. Theirs cars was rubbish back then and they sold em for $$$,$$$'s. I also hate it when people say if I had money I would not get it cause i can buy this that instead. (EXACTLY)!!! cus they make it for any rich folks. EVEN IF THEY'RE RICH LEXUS WOULD NEVER SELL IT TO THOSE PEOPLE, SIMPLY WOULD NOT PICK THEM. EXCLUSIVITY, i hate morons who post these on youtube. Ed Hardy shirts should be priced around $10 so more douche bags around the world can wear em. My Bio: (Love:599 GTO, 458, Scuderia 16M,):Like Zonda Cinque, LP-540 balboni, DBS Carbon, LFA. I give props to a car that deserves all the praise and LFA deserves that!
  12. @Crux: Well from the 'Battle of the supercars', it was clear LFA was superior in every single department to the R8 V10. LFA was just wearing ceramic brakes, which are intended to be abused and they keep getting better and better. R8 V10's first test was good, but it all went to hell in second test where R8 V10 suffered huge brake fade resulting in 17 feet longer stopping distance than LFA and it kept getting worse. Look at R8 V10 looking at LFA taillights with video VBOX showin 66 mph on the R8 V10. LFA already is 2.5 car lengths ahead: LFA was destroying the R8 V10 (which does 0 - 60 mph in 3.4 seconds) in 60 mph and 100 mph tests every single time with launch control system. Even when Tanner screwed up the launch, he reeled the R8 V10 back in from 5 car lengths and passed him by 1 car length in the 1-mile test. Around a race track, only a tiny 1-mile track saw R8 V10 falling behind by 10 car lengths of the LFA in the last back straight shows much more powerful and superior handling LFA was.
  13. LFA is in a different time zone at the finish line on the road course last back straight where LFA just left the R8 V10 for the dead:
  14. Thank goodness there's other people here. I'm too tired to constantly deal with jealous haters. Thanks 05RollaXRS!
  15. @ROllaXRS, Oh fo sho, Im for the Lexus LFA, I love this car. My comment was geared towards the haters, trolls, and dumbarses. My long comment was directed towards that user Sean, haters hate and they keep talking about prices. Example: Youtube troll name David Yu, he also test drives GT-R. That guy has this hate for the LFA.
  16. With the long development time,the state-of-the-art materials and construction techniques and the fact that it's hand-built the LFA's price can easily be justified.The thing is,however:it needn't be.In fact,it shouldn't be. The thing I like best about supercars is that you don't need to justify them or any aspect of them.Not to others,not even to yourself.Supercars are sheer indulgence. Automotive passion at it's purest.Outrageous cars that appeal to your heart and never mind your,well,mind. With their mental speed,delicious looks,super-sophisticated technology,astronomic price tags and a total disregard for practicality,profitability and political correctness I'm glad cars like these exist.They remind me why I fell in love with cars in the first place.
  17. @Crux:
    Crux wrote:@ROllaXRS, Oh fo sho, Im for the Lexus LFA, I love this car. My comment was geared towards the haters, trolls, and dumbarses. My long comment was directed towards that user Sean, haters hate and they keep talking about prices. Example: Youtube troll name David Yu, he also test drives GT-R. That guy has this hate for the LFA.
    Well, speaking of GTR, yes there are plenty of haters in the GTR community while there is a GTR tuner who owns a GTR tuning shop and drives a highly tuned GTR from NAGTROC and he drove the LFA. You must have read his review and he called LFA pretty much the best car he had ever driven. It is worth reading. Regarding GTR vs LFA, I had put this scans for the article of LFA vs GTR around Nurburgring (GTR wearing slick tires) and look at how LFA destroyed the GTR in a head to head race by over 5 seconds. LFA is plain and simple tbe badddest, meanest and most ferocious thing ever to have come out of Japan. No two ways about it.
  18. Well said! @Eljay