Photo: Next-Generation Lexus IS with Remote Touch Controller

An eagle-eyed reader spotted this photo of the next-generation Lexus IS with a Remote Touch controller in the recent La Presse preview:

Next-Generation Lexus IS Remote Touch Controller

Up until this point, the only infotainment controls that had been seen in the previews had been the Display Audio dial — a small thing, but at least it’s now confirmed that the new IS will be available with the Remote Touch controller.

(Thanks DarkRide!)


  1. I only hope touch-pad controller on the steering ... :P
  2. The LFA gauge cluster alone will sell a lot of IS sport sedans BD
  3. I guess it comes to no surprise since it follows what's already found in the LFA, 2013 GS, ES, LS, RX and etc... with Navagation Although I am a big fan of touch screen and it is the way of the future, I see Lexus reverting back to "No Touch Screen" for several long term reasons.... ~ Joe Z
  4. I wish the IS reveal was sooner!The anticipation is killing me!!!
  5. I wonder if the screen will pop out like the CT's and HS's because I don't see one like the GS's, LS's or RX's. 
    • I Think it's there, just hidden in that glare. Probably similar to how the screen is in the LF-CC.
  6. Is that not the F badge on the bottom of the steering wheel?
  7. I really hope it doesn't have an analog clock on the dash
    •  Unfortunately, I think it has it.  You can kind of see the taped outline of a clock between the A/C vents.  I agree...I get that it has become a lexus trademark, but it's just unnecessary and dated.
    • You kidding me? The digital clock used in the current IS250/IS350 is the exact same clock as the 80's corolla!!
    • I dislike the current cheap looking IS250/IS350 digital clock, for one main reason: it's not a 24-hour clock!  Here in Europe, we're not used to seeing 3:15 on a clock in the afternoon.  It should show 15:15!
    • I am always wondering about that PM/AM crap.
  8. That's really cool, its only a matter of time until technology becomes more advanced and Lexus starts making autonomous cars.
  9. Love the placement of the start-button! Would like some wood in the interior instead of all that aluminum(if not faked?!). Dont like the look of the seats and would prefer them cleaner looking. Hopefully these over-designed seats are only found in the F-sport version.