Video Review of the Next-Generation Lexus IS Prototype

2014 Lexus IS Camouflage

The next review of the 2014 Lexus IS prototype is from Colum Wood of Autoguide, and it’s an excellent video overview of the next-generation sedan:

Seeing the IS’s sliding instrument panel in action shows just how close the IS display is to the LFA, and that’s a great looking touch by Lexus. I also like the video’s focus on the little details — here’s a closeup of the front grille and headlights:

2014 Lexus IS Headlight & Grille

There’s also this demo of the new touch-sensitive temperature controls:

(Along with the video, there’s also a written Autoguide review and an extensive photo gallery that explores the finer details of the camouflaged Lexus sedan.)


  1. The Lexus has a bunch of small details that owners will love. BD
  2. His nitpicks will be addressed in the IS F Sport, not IS-F.
  3. One detail that caught me off guard is that from the photo galleries i've seen, it appears that Lexus will be moving away from the sliding joystick they've been using for Lexus Enform which seemed to be a negative in most reviewers eyes with the 2013 GS, so this is a good step forward. Can't wait to see how it works.
    •  Actually that rotational style nob you see in this video is most likely a Display Audio package, it is a step below having navigation with Enform. If anyone would like to see what i'm talking about, head over to any photo gallery of any 2013 ES or RX and you will find the same kind of controller in the non-nav equipped vehicles.
    • Ahhh okay I didn't know that. Thanks for the clarification
  4. the LED is not attached to the headlight? or is it just the camo covering in it? (I hope it is)
    • Yeah i was wondering the same thing. The elevation of the headlamp cluster makes it appear that the LED DRL is not attatched? 
    • Yes, looks like it not attached, just like in all three of Lexus' last concepts. Dont you expect elements from the concepts to be brought over to production cars? Why dont you like it? I think it looked cool, especially in the LF-Gh.
    • I'm very curious to see how they look. I don't think its just an illusion from the camo. The LF CC concept used a similar design. It was one of those design elements that you would assume was just for the show car, but it seems it seems there was some truth to it.
    • For the first time on production car , Lexus separated the LED DRL from the headlights ... hope it looks EPIC after the disguise is removed !
  5. Well I better start saving!  The main instrument panel  looks great and am loving the new seats and  Cabernet leather combo.  Nicely filmed exterior shots give a pretty good idea of what the exterior will look like without the camo!  Can not wait to see it in January. (If not before) 
  6. I can't get over that instrument panel. It even slides around just like the LFA's panel.
  7. but is it the same 204hp for the IS250?
    • For 95% of the people the IS250 is more than enough!! --Btw I think the net gen IS will be amazing!
    • more than enough if it gets amazing FE
    • enough depends on where you live, why pay ~40k for a is250 that will get smoked by a  civic or i can't even overtake a truck on a freeway?
    • More than enough for country like where I live , which 318i from BMW & 200 CGi from Benz sell well because of smaller displacement .
    • Yeah exactly. Outside USA the base C-class & 3 series are much weaker than IS250 hahahaaa 318i is especially gutless and C200 sounds horrid! And slow IS250 is luxury and has a better engine, higher quality interior and is better finished and priced.
    • Even a 100 hp car can overtake a truck on the highway if you press the gas hard enough. Unless you're Jason Statham I really want to know how many times you'll come across a situation where you only have a 5 second window to pass someone on the highway. 204hp is more than enough because not everyone is trying to race every person that lines up next to them at a stop light.
  8. Don't like those breaks 350 should have the same ones from the gs like in past generation :(
  9. At the 6:00 mark,I noticed a small bulge on the front fender....Vent? style F-Sport badge??
  10. Same here!....assuming you mean a vent....I think it's just an F-Sport badge....Given the fact that it's left hand drive,a turn signal is out....just the F-sport model then.
  11. 2  things i didnt the interior 1) why on earth did they take it from LFA. i think that should be unique to LFA. i think that just ruined  the reputation of the LFA 2) that dash board design looks a lot similar to HS or not?
    • 1) The ISF has a similar gauge to the LFA, the new IS just takes it step further. 2) Dash will not look same as HS once all the tape is removed. Think GS but more rakier.
  12. I can't wait !!!! It's really look awesome !!!!
  13. The interior especially looks fantastic.  If you check back to the coupe concept you can see how similiar it is.  The LFA digital display is genius, it has tons of show room appeal. My only downer is no electronic parking brake with hold, a feature I've grown to love on my LS.
  14. not feeling the temperature gauge
  15. Why wouldn't they have added the LFA gauge in the GS F but a few months later in the IS? You would think for the price you pay for the GS F, it would be a standard to get a gauge like the LFA. I also agree with Keisuke327. I too dislike the new concept of the temperature gauge.
    • Just wondering. Why are you guys against the temperature gauge?  The IS is becoming more sportier in order to appeal to younger buyers.  These younger buyers have grown up in an age of technology with touch-sensitive phones/computers, ovens, light-switches, etc. Therefore, you also want to appeal to these younger buyers with having cool, and new technology. Same reason can be applied to why they have the LFA-style computerized speedometer. Why do you think people line up for hours every time a new iphone comes out. People want the newest technology.  I think that the touch-sensitive gauges was one of the coolest interior features in the LF-CC concept, and I am glad it has made it to production. From the video posted it seems like they work great without any difficulty or errors.
  16. I LOVE everything that they have shown in the interior. As far as the exterior goes, we shall see come DT Auto Show. But I do agree with dude about F Sport + mode. Just make that ish aggressive Lexy, why even put that if its going to be tame. Let the beast escape when turnt to F Sport!
  17. I love this car, the LFA-panel is kicking ass , the sound generator is just awesome , I decided to get rid of my new C class and get this one ,  THANKS LEXUS!!!! NOW IS LOOKS REALY JAPANESE