Autocar Drives the Next-Generation Lexus IS 300h

Next-Generation Lexus IS

In advance of next-generation Lexus IS launch at the Detroit Auto Show in January, a select group of automotive magazines have been given an advance look at the next-generation sedan — Autocar has posted the very first review, with plenty of information to go through:

The UK will be getting two models: a V6 petrol-powered IS250…and the new IS300h driven here, which combines a 2.5-litre, four-cylinder petrol engine with an electric motor and a battery pack.

Remarkably, Lexus is aiming to get the IS300h certified at “under 100g/km”. The new car is based on the same new rear-drive platform as the recently-launched GS, although the wheelbase has been shortened and the track is also slightly narrower.

How does the next-generation IS drive?:

On the road, the IS300h is refined and easygoing. It’s fluid on winding roads and has a decent amount of bite in the steering. The overwhelming sense is of effortless progress with a reasonable dash of driver involvement. It is also impressively swift to switch into EV mode in urban traffic, something other hybrids are reluctant to do. It was hard to be definitive about by the ride, which was excellent on smooth roads but thumped somewhat on broken Los Angeles concrete.

Autocar also included this photo of the instrument panel:

Next-Generation Lexus IS Instrument Panel

As the first-ever review of the next-generation IS, this Autocar article is a must-read — there should be more reviews showing up throughout the day, stay tuned!

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