Is this the Next-Generation Lexus GS Interior?

Let’s travel back to the Lexus LF-Gh launch event during the New York auto show in April, where these Autospies photos give us a glimpse at a seemingly production-ready interior:

Lexus LF-Gh Interior
Lexus LF-Gh Interior

Looks quite dark at first blush, but let’s do a little clean-up:

Lexus LF-Gh Interior Closeup

This first photo shows the steering wheel quite clearly, along with a Driver Assist Monitor, the analog clock, part of the stereo, and the gear shift and Remote Touch controller side-by-side.

Lexus LF-Gh Interior Closeup Two

This photo is much more abstract, but gives a better angle on the (1) Remote Touch, (2) Gear Shift & (3) a ECO/Normal/Sport mode selector similar to the CT 200h, which would lead me to believe this is a hybrid.

These photos would suggest that underneath the LF-Gh is an actual next-generation GS — a thought backed up by this spy photo that was seen last week at Nürburgring:

2012 Lexus GS Interior

Really though, these are just the broad strokes — there’s still plenty left to see. However, this does give us the general layout of the interior, and I like what I see.

[Source: Autospies] (Thanks Jose!)