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Five Lexus LF-Ch Videos

The Lexus LF-Ch has received plenty of video coverage, and rather than post them one by one, I thought it best to collect them into a single post.

This first video, from WhatCar?, claims that the LF-Ch won’t see production until late 2011, and will cost £20,000:

Next up is Which?:

Then there’s the lone US video of the bunch, from CNet, which features a boisterous voiceover and little respect:

Here’s a french video with plenty of closeups, set to a jazzy number:

Finally, this video from Lexus Europe is the closest approximation of seeing the concept in person, showing a single rotation of the stage:

After watching these videos, I have to say—even though I would have preferred a different color for the concept, it certainly makes it stand out. Those rims are over the top though.