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Lexus LFA First Drive in The Sunday Times

Lexus LFA Race Car

Another of the journalists to drive the Lexus LFA at the Goodwood Festival of Speed was The Sunday Times’ Andrew Frankel:

At the beginning of the hillclimb I hit the start button expecting a massive roar but . . . silence. Through my helmet and at idle the engine is Lexus-quiet. I put it in gear and plant the accelerator on the floor and that all changes: despite the vast slick tyres, the wheelspin was instant and the noise deafening.

…I drove as fast as I knew how, discovering in the process one of the best-balanced and friendly road racers I have handled. Despite those menacing looks, its ferocious speed and cheek-rippling grip, the LF-A is like all the best sorted supercars: inspiring more confidence the faster you drive it.

With the full backing of Toyota and new president/race car drive Akio Toyoda, I’m not surprised that the journalists are taken aback by its performance—but that the vehicle’s engineers were able to maintain that “Lexus-quiet” on start-up is a real accomplishment.

Most telling is this quote from the article:

As a proud Lexus man told me: “Many supercar makers put their road cars on the racetrack. We’re going to put our race car on the road.”

[Source: The London Times]