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Spending Time with the 2009 Lexus LX 570

Late last week, I picked up a review LX 570 from Lexus Canada with more than a little anxiety. After all, this is a two ton, sixteen-foot tank of a vehicle, immense in every sense of the word, and I had to jump straight into big-city traffic immediately after taking the keys. Intimidating.

Of course, it was entirely unfounded—the LX handles just like a car. Light steering, heavy, instant power. Driving on the highway or right in the middle of rush-hour traffic is an absolute breeze. Sure, the turning radius is awful but expectedly so. Really, the only issue I’m having is trying to park the thing, but even that’s made easier with the front and side monitors.

That said, the LX definitely has a learning curve—there are close to fifty different buttons and toggles surrounding the driver, and that’s not including the touchscreen options. There’s a button for everything, including one for lowering the vehicle height when the engine is turned off and one to disengage the power rear door. Honestly, I found the buttons to be more intimidating than the driving.

More to come—but before that, I can’t resist posting yet another grille wallpaper:

Lexus LX570 Grille Wallpaper

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