2013 Lexus ES Pricing Speculation

Lexus ES Hybrid

Mark Rechtin of Automotive News has published his first impressions of the 2013 ES, and included some interesting numbers:

Lexus hopes to sell about 100,000 units a year, 50,000 to 60,000 of them in the United States. Prices won’t be announced until closer to the car’s August on-sale date, but executives said the sticker should remain close to that of the current model’s $37,150, including freight. Still, with the strong yen and more content, expect some price bump.

In 2008, the ES 350 sold 64,135 units, and in 2011, the ES sold 40,873 units — with these two numbers in mind, Lexus’ estimate of 50-60k sales in the USA seems conservative, especially with the introduction of a hybrid powertrain.

As for pricing, I wouldn’t expect it to jump too much — after all, the GS price didn’t increase at all with the new 2013 model, and no major price adjustments seems like a good strategy to follow.

A bigger question is the how the ES 300h will be priced — in order to fuel my speculation, let’s turn to the Toyota Camry, which shares the same engines:

  • Camry XLE (3.5L V6): $30,115
  • Camry XLE Hybrid (2.5L 4-cylinder hybrid): $27,500

Not to suggest that the ES 300h will be $2,615 cheaper than the ES 350 — after all, the ES hybrid gets additional standard equipment like the bamboo wood trim and a rear spoiler — but I get the feeling that pricing between the two will be very close.

One final thing to consider is sales of the ES 350 vs. ES 300h — Lexus expects the ES 300h to make up only 25% of overall sales, but what if pricing is so similar that it becomes a personal decision rather than a monetary one? Which would you choose?

[Source: Automotive News]


  1. Lexus has ALWAYS priced their hybrids ABOVE the gas engines. I, personally, would price them the same, as one is not necessarily better than the other.  One offers more power than economy.  And vice versa. The GS hybrid is more powerful, but no faster, than the GS350, but has more standard equipment, and is meant to replace the GS430. I'm expecting the 300h to be $2-3k more than the ES350, but still under $40k. Lexus should sell right around 60k units.  Competition now in this price range is much tougher than it was 4 years ago..... BD
    • Jay

      This is true, but until now hybrid variants of Lexus vehicles have always been considered the superior engine choice. The focus of the GS, LS, and RX hybrid has been more on performance rather than fuel economy. The ES will however focus more on fuel economy. Unlike the GS, LS, and RX hybrids, the ES hybrid will run on 2 less cylinders than the gas only version. I'm hoping final pricing for a well equipped ES hybrid will still be under $40k. Another way to look at it might be comparing the Prius Five to the CT. Prius Five MSRP: $29,805 Lexus CT 200h: $29,120 Lexus CT 200h Premium: $31,750
    • agreed but the current GS hybrid carries a much more higher premium than the non hybrid gs. Last time I checked they were selling a gs fsport for about 58k and a hybrid for 71k. That is a huge offset
  2. Bob

    Shame the 300h doesn't get the panoramic glass roof option.   
  3. How about the ES300h starting at $35k, and the ES350 starting at $38k? BD
  4. MT

    Concerning car prices i would love to be in America. My Toyota Auris 1,6, Valvematic engine, 6-MT, Nav, Cruisecontrol, heated mirrors, rearview camera and a couple of other extras cost, based on todays exchange rate 31k Dollars. Dad just ordered a full spec CT200h, it will set him back 51k Dollars. And all you guys discussing if the ES should cost 35 or 38 grand puts tears in my eyes!