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Video: Next-Generation Lexus RX Prototype Spotted on European Highway

At long last, the next-generation Lexus RX prototype currently driving around Brussels has been caught on video.

Photo: The Lexus RX 400h Cutaway

The second-generation RX was the platform Lexus used to launch their very first hybrid, the RX 400h.

Study: 2011 Lexus RX 350 AWD Reports Zero U.S. Driver Fatalities in 2012

The 2011 RX 350 AWD joins nine other models that reported no driver fatalities in the USA.

Next-Generation Lexus RX to Debut New Safety System+ Package

The new package will integrate several of the brand’s existing active safety technologies.

Report: Lexus USA Now Second in Sales Per Dealership

In the 2014, Lexus jumped up to replace Honda for second most sales per dealership in the USA.

Photo: The Original Lexus RX

In three days, the fourth generation Lexus RX will debut at the New York Auto Show — just the perfect amount of time to go back and look through the history books.