Photo: The Original Lexus RX

In three days, the fourth generation Lexus RX will debut at the New York Auto Show -- just the perfect amount of time to go back and look through the history books.
Kevin · March 30th, 2015

Photo: The Lexus GS Under Wraps

I'll never forget this teaser for the fourth-generation Lexus GS -- it will likely go down as my favorite Lexus teaser of all time.
Kevin · March 26th, 2015

Lexus IS 200t & GS 200t Coming Soon?

Lexus Australia CEO Sean Hanley strongly suggests that the new Lexus 2.0L four-cylinder turbo engine will be coming to the IS & GS.
Kevin · March 24th, 2015

Photo: The Perfect Garage

The Lexus LFA, Toyota 2000GT, and Toyota Supra, all together, all red everything.
Kevin · March 12th, 2015

Photo: Lexus LS Generations

The progression of the Lexus LS, illustrated in a single image. One of the best Lexus images ever.
Kevin · March 11th, 2015