Video: Lexus RC F Feature on Top Gear

Lexus RC F Top Gear

The Lexus RC F made its feature appearance on Top Gear tonight with Jeremy Clarkson, and it was an absolute bloodbath — here’s the episode on Youtube, which will certainly be taken down shortly:

Clarkson trading in the RC F for the LFA halfway through the segment speaks volumes on his opinion — here are a few choice quotes:

I really don’t like this car. I don’t like the way it looks, I don’t like the way it goes, I don’t like the way it feels.

But what really annoys me, what really gets my goat, is that I know Lexus can do so much better.

I know that [the LFA] costs about five or six times more than the new RC F. And I know it’s full of carbon fiber and all sorts of clever engineering that you can’t reasonably expect to find down the fiscal food chain. But surely, they could have captured the spirit of this car, the essence, its soul, and transplanted that into the RC F.

(For whatever reason you want to watch the full review and the video is missing, Reddit has a full thread devoted to watching the episode.)