The Details Behind the Wild Lexus LF-SA Wheels

Lexus LF-SA Goodyear Tires

Turns out the wheels on the Lexus LF-SA were a concept all of their own — Goodyear has developed a new Triple Tube tire that can adjust its shape based on road conditions and driver input:

Car & Driver has an explanation of how it all works:

Three tubes located just below the tread allow fine adjustments in the pressure along the inner and outer shoulders and the center of the tire. An internal pump transfers air between the main chamber and the three tubes to vary the tire’s contact patch on the fly.

The eco/safety position uses maximum pressure in all three tubes for reduced rolling resistance. Setting the center tube to a higher pressure than the shoulders resists hydroplaning in wet conditions. The sporty mode increases the size of the contact patch by reducing the pressure of the inboard tube.

An interesting concept, for sure, but Goodyear stresses that the Triple Tube tire is still in development and not close to production.

(Thanks Akshay!)