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Lexus February 2015 Sales Report

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Lexus USA has reported 22,995 total sales for February 2015, a 22.0% improvement over last year and the best February in Lexus history — here’s the model-by-model breakdown:

MONTH Year to Date (*DSR)
2015 2014 % CHG* 2015 2014 % CHG*
CT 978 1,230 -20.5 1,983 2,520 -22.9
IS 3,383 3,517 -3.8 6,758 6,565 0.9
RC 984 0 N/A 1,831 0 N/A
ES 4,192 4,360 -3.9 8,272 8,319 -2.6
GS 1,851 1,574 17.6 3,530 2,874 20.4
LS 506 589 -14.1 1,172 1,223 -6.1
LFA 1 2 -50.0 3 2 47.0
Total Cars 11,895 11,272 5.5 23,549 21,503 7.3
NX 2,666 0 N/A 5,478 0 N/A
RX 6,490 5,682 14.2 13,059 11,289 13.4
GX 1,653 1,590 4.0 3,456 3,033 11.7
LX 291 311 -6.4 584 667 -14.2
Total Trucks 11,100 7,583 46.4 22,577 14,989 47.6
Total Sales 22,995 18,855 22.0 46,126 36,492 23.9

Please note, all percentages are calculated by the Daily Sales Rate (DSR), which takes into account the number of days in the month that dealerships could sell cars. February 2015 had 24 selling days, February 2014 had 24 selling days.

With the extreme cold in the Northeast USA, it was the month of the SUV for Lexus — the NX continued its strong start with 2,666 sales, and the RX jumped a mind-boggling 14.2% to 6,490 sales. These two models combined to make up 40% of all Lexus sales for the month.

The end results is the best February ever for Lexus USA, topping the previous mark set back in 2007. And how does the competition stack up? Here’s the February sales for the top four luxury automotive brands:

  1. BMW USA: 25,201 sales
  2. Mercedes Benz USA: 23,616 sales
  3. Lexus USA: 22,995 sales
  4. Audi USA: 11,455 sales


Canada also set a new February record with 1,138 sales, up 16.1% year-over-year.

(The NX sold 255 units, immediately making it the second bestselling model in the lineup behind the RX.)

See the full Lexus Canada results (PDF Link)

  • L
    Lexus Cohen
  • March 3, 2015
Nothing can dethrone the mighty RX! Audi might be struggling here, but excels in Asia.
  • C
  • March 3, 2015
Although incentives are helping the RX's stellar sales, it still sells on its own merit. I expected the NX to improve upon last month's 2800+ sales, yet it has slipped to 2600+ though there have been a few fewer selling days than Jan. I expect the NX to hit the 3000 sales figure in March and hopefully hit the 3600 expected target by Lexus USA by summer.
  • B
  • March 5, 2015
Yeah, I think IS sales will really pick up when their base engine actually becomes competitive in terms of power and fuel efficiency. The IS200t should definitely be that turning point. We should see upwards of ~1.5 seconds shaved off the 0-60 times (around 6.2 seconds or so) and at the same time see highway fuel economy increase into the low and probably close to mid 30s. I expect to see the highway MPG to get up into the 32-34 range. Anything more than that and I'll be pleasantly surprised.
  • G
  • March 5, 2015
The GS is clearly overperforming among the sedans. I saw a couple of them here in Italy and is just stunning. And the GSF is the coolest F ever IMO. As well as the CT needs perhaps to be replaced soon.
  • B
  • March 5, 2015
Hey I'm from Italy me too and the GS is my favourite sedan in the E segment: Has been a pleasure to see the GS 350 winner in several comparison VS the BMW 535i, Audi A6 3.0T and Infiniti M35 on MT or again, the GS 450h beating the Porsche Panamera Hybrid and the Infiniti M35h. In my opinion it is the most efficient and best balanced sedan in its class and I'm already in love with the GS F. I couldn't care less about the power, I'm waiting for a comparison with the M5 and let's see what happen.
  • P
  • March 5, 2015
The trend for steadily increasing total volume sales, started in early 2014 here in the buss-ling Mid West. Our Lexus dealer here in Des Moines, finished their 2014 year with the largest sales and volume ever. Paul Lexus Owners Club Manager