Report: Lexus USA Now Second in Sales Per Dealership

Lexus USA Dealership

Lexus has replaced Honda for second most sales per dealership in the USA, just behind Toyota-Scion — from Automotive News:

As of Jan. 1, Lexus had 235 franchises, up one from a year earlier. But Lexus’ sales jumped 14 percent in 2014, pushing the brand’s sales per franchise up 150 units, or 13 percent, to 1,325 units.

Lexus’ sales have continued to grow after recovering from the 2011 tsunami in Japan, which crippled production. Lexus has high throughput and wide gross-profit margins, Libby said.

“That makes Lexus one of the most attractive brands in the industry for an investor, if not the most attractive,” Libby said. “People say it is almost like printing money.”

To put the numbers in perspective, here’s how competitors stacked up:

Luxury rivals BMW and Mercedes-Benz trailed Lexus substantially in throughput. BMW’s sales per franchise in 2014 rose 10 percent to 1,002, while Mercedes’ rose 5.4 percent to 979.

Cadillac shed five franchises last year but still had 928 as of Jan. 1 vs. Lexus’ 235, BMW’s 339 and Mercedes’ 366. Cadillac’s throughput fell 6.2 percent to 183, as its sales fell 6.5 percent.