Lexus to Offer RC with 2.0L Turbo Engine?

Motor Trend is reporting that the Lexus RC will be getting the 2.0L four-cylinder turbo engine:

The forthcoming IS 200t turbocharged four-cylinder variant is a poorly kept secret, but no one is talking RC yet. Well, now we are. It’s coming, and like the IS 200t, the RC 200t will use the brand’s all-new motor which debuted in the NX 200t crossover.

The RC is definitely missing a base model engine — most world markets only offer the RC 350 or RC 300h, and more reasonably priced base engine would certainly expand the potential audience for the coupe.

(Should also point out that Lexus Australia trademarked the RC 200t in 2013.)

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  • March 2, 2015
Still, with its weight in regard, won't it be underpowered?? Is it really in need of a base model engine albeit turbocharged?
  • T
  • March 2, 2015
They should put this engine in the trunk of the RC F
I wish I could understand the logic of Lexus sometimes. Audi and BMW; when they release a new design, all of the possibilities seem to come out right away. Lexus premieres the 2nd Gen IS and it takes 3 years for the F and the convertible to be released. And then they never made the IS-Fc! BMW comes out with it's new design and it already works across all the power train options. Now we don't have an IS-F anymore, the only V8 performance car is in the new coupe. Plus when they finally release the GS-F, that body will be 4-5 years on the market. Which means Lexus will have to stretch out the design until it becomes tired (like the IS convertibles) or only have that car available for about 2 years, I can see obvious wide applications of the 200t, but Lexus needs to have a bit more foresight in these matters instead of staggering all of these different releases.