Next-Generation Lexus RX to Arrive at USA Dealerships in Late 2015

Lexus RX Screenshot Website

Not much is known about the next-generation RX, but the Lexus USA website has a clue to the release date — “Late 2015” is the time frame displayed under the RX silhouette in the site’s Future section.

This would bring some interesting parallels to last year, when the RC/RC F was released in November and the NX in December. If Lexus was happy with this sales pattern, we could see something similar with the GS F & RX.

I would be remiss if I didn’t blow up the RX silhouette, even though there’s nothing to see:

Lexus RX Silhouette

(The Lexus USA website originally displayed a January 2016 release date, but was changed over the weekend.)