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2009 Lexus IS Photos

No question now, this is the upcoming 2009 Lexus IS facelift: These photos, posted on the same site that leaked the 2009 IS brochure, reveal the new IS in some sort of Japanese Korean Lexus showroom, presumably where unreleased models are displayed for anyone to see. Enough talk, here’s the full gallery: {embed=“site/gallery” gallery_id=“1138”} [Source: […]

Autoblog: LF-A Will Never See Production

Autoblog trolled the Nürburgring and dug up some murky information on the Lexus LF-A: …members of the testing and development crew who have been putting the car though its paces in Germany, as well as test drivers from rival Honda and Nissan crews, have told Autoblog that the LF-A is not destined for the showroom, […]

Policeman Talks about the Oakland Lexus SC Style

This is hilarious. You may remember me posting up photos of some first generation Lexus SCs done up in grand style, like the one above. Well, it seems like they’ve also been noticed by local police, including Officer “Smith”, who blogs the following: The latest fad to strike the Bay Area is the uncontrollable urge […]

700hp Lexus IS Engine Explosion

Not every day you get to see a souped 700hp Lexus IS engine blow up (make sure to turn the sound down, loud rap music ahead): Not sure on the full story, but I can’t help but think whoever made this video of must have wanted to rub it in — either that or it […]

Lexus LS 460 AWD Introduced at Moscow Auto Show

When it comes to the release of the Lexus LS 460 AWD version, this picture says it all: As expected, the LS 460 AWD was introduced at the Moscow International Auto Show today, and the folks at Autoblog have a full photo gallery of the model. The only thing? That AWD badge in the photo […]

Lexus Salesman Blocked from Competing in Mercedes Golf Tournament

A funny story from Singapore has surfaced on Club Lexus — Lionel Lim won the opportunity to compete for the Mercedes Benz golf trophy only to be disqualified because he was a Lexus salesman: He works for Lexus, but this golfer won the Singapore Country Final of the Mercedes trophy. This has led to a […]