Comparison : 2009 Hyundai Genesis V8 vs. 2008 Lexus GS 350

Lexus GS 350 vs. Hyundai Genesis

Edmunds has went ahead and pitted the Lexus GS 350 against the brand new Hyundai Genesis, resulting in a mismatch that places far too much emphasis on the pricetag:

So the Genesis is a large, rear-drive luxury sedan that’s priced like a smaller front-drive one — at 195.6 inches long it’s just 2.4 inches shorter overall than Lexus’ flagship LS 460, but the $33,000 base price for the V6-powered Genesis is more than a grand cheaper than the base price of the entry-level ES 350. There isn’t really anything directly comparable to the Genesis at Lexus or, for that matter, at any other manufacturer.

As tested, the GS 350 came fully equipped at $49,670. The Genesis showed up with a $4,000 Technology package and a $42,000 sticker. That’s a thick $7,670 price difference, in case you haven’t already made the calculation yourself. Yet the Genesis essentially matched the Lexus luxury for luxury, gizmo for gizmo.

Basing a vehicle’s value entirely on the MSRP is faulty for so many reasons — consider the residual value, which will favor the Lexus heavily. If the Lexus maintains 50% of its value over three years, and the Hyundai only 40%, the initial price difference will be reduced by more than half.

Now factor in Lexus’ superior customer service, Hyundai’s unfamiliarity with luxury customers, and the better fuel efficiency of the GS 350’s V6 (5.3 mpg better). What’s left?