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The Lexus Nuaero Concept by Jon Rådbrink

Swedish automotive design student Jon Rådbrink has created a wild, Batmanish Lexus concept called the Nuaero. Rakish and impractical as it may be, it wasn’t just a case of loading up 3D Studio Max and going for gold. Rådbrink tried to reinvent from every angle:

The Lexus Nuaero

The spacious interior is centered around a multi-point touch screen dashboard where you can re-arrange the controls and information as you like it. The drive-by-wire steering pad is designed to focus on your hands. Its form controls the way you interact with it; to improve safety when driving. Your fine motor skills are far more advanced in your hands than in your feet, so all controls are located in the steering wheel. Since the car is powered by electrical motors, there is no transmission and you break intuitively by pushing the steering wheel away from your body.

Also, a video:

It would be easy to point out all the impracticalities, but it’s undoubtably creative and has great flair.  From some angles, it’s almost possible to see it driving down the road of the future.

[Source: De Zeen via Gizmodo] (Thanks Mr. Chang!)