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JM Lexus Creates Mega IS 350 for Mega Meet

Every year, the JM Lexus dealership in South Florida sponsors the Lexus/Supra Mega Meet, a two day event set up for enthusiasts to both check out and show off some custom rides.

To mark the occasion, JM Lexus put together a heavily modified IS 350, featuring not only every F-Sport accessory available but also a full reworking of the interior & exterior.

Anthony Barbosa of JM Lexus filled me in on the details:

Originally this project vehicle was designed for the purpose of the Mega Meet and advertising for the dealership. The main goal of this project was to be able to showcase what we here at JM Lexus could do in house…we are excited to be able to make our Lexus customers get their own unique/personalized vehicles all done in house.

What’s more, the IS 350 was sold long before it made its Mega Meet debut, selling for a price of $96,000 (!!!). (Of course, looking at the full list of mods minimizes the sticker shock quite a bit.)

For the full effect, Anthony was also kind enough to send me a number of photos, including some taken during the build:

Exterior Modifications:

1. Custom Two-tone Paint Pearl White Factory White With The Top Half Is-f Blue

2. Custom Black Solid Hand Painted Stripe

3. Lexus Oem Ground Effects

4. Custom Lexus “IS” Painted Factory Grille And Badges

Interior Modifications:

1. Custom Leather White Inserts

2. Custom Black Headliner And Pillar Posts

3. Llmar ATX Window Tint

Electronic Upgrades:

1. JL Audio 500/1v2 Amplifier

2. JL Audio G6600 Amplifier

3. Two JL Audio C-5 6 1/2 Component Speakers

4. Two 10″ W3v3 Subwoofers

5. Custom Fiberglass Enclosure Painted To Match

6. Custom Trunk Lid Cover w/ Two Monitors And F-Sport Logo

7. Embroidering F-Sport Into Stock Floor Mat

8. PS3 In Trunk

9. Front Video Conversion

10. Rossen Dual Headrest Monitors

11. Rossen ½ Din Dvd Player In Glove Box

Mechanical Modification:

1. F-Sport Engine Cover

2. F-Sport Brake Upgrades Front And Rear

3. F-Sport Exhaust System

4. F-Sport Performance Air Intake

5. F-Sport Shock Set

6. F-Sport Lowering Springs

7. F-Sport Rear Chassis Member Brace

8. F-Sport Sway Bar Set

9. MHT Mantra Chrome Wheels 19″ W/ Custom Powder Coating

10. Pirelli P-zero Nero 235/35/19 Front, 265/30/19 Rears High Performance Tires

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