2009 Lexus IS Uncovered

2009 Lexus IS Spy Shots 1

It may be an elaborate hoax, but My.IS member nyjinwoo has uncovered what looks to be a brochure for the 2009 Lexus IS 250/350. First thing, here’s an overview of the exterior changes:

2009 Lexus IS Spy Shots 2

The front grille has been given the same extended chrome border and integrated turn signals that were included in last year’s refreshed GS. The revised rear lights have also been changed, though the differences are subtle unless compared with the current design:

2009 Lexus IS Spy Shots 3
Old Lexus IS Rear

The most obvious change is the L-Shaped clear accents in the lower corners, though it also looks as though the rear lights are protruding somewhat. This was something I noticed when looking at the convertible spy shots seen some months back.

Interior shots were also included, and the only change I can see is the wood steering wheel:

2009 Lexus IS Spy Shots 4
2009 Lexus IS Spy Shots 5

If accurate, these changes certainly increase the edginess of the IS (I’m particularly impressed with the chunky rear light treatment), but will it be enough to carry the model through its final three years of production?

[Source: dajapa via My.IS] (Thanks Joaquín!)