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Policeman Talks about the Oakland Lexus SC Style

This is hilarious. You may remember me posting up photos of some first generation Lexus SCs done up in grand style, like the one above. Well, it seems like they’ve also been noticed by local police, including Officer “Smith”, who blogs the following:

The latest fad to strike the Bay Area is the uncontrollable urge to purchase a Lexus SC300.

Used of course. Preferably pre-1999 vintage. Aged well.

But to simply purchase one is not enough. Next, you must paint the car in some candy color that simply does not belong on a car. We’ll say candy grape purple. Then, you have to choose a contrasting color, say bright piss yellow perhaps, in which to paint a large Lexus “L” symbol on both doors because, of course, the rest of us are far too stupid to know the car is a Lexus. To further assist us idiots, please remember to paint a smaller “L” on the rear fenders as an added reminder.

Maybe you could even get personalized plates to the effect of LXS DUBZ, or some such nonsense.

I had myself in stitches by the time I was done reading his post. Best of all, he used the images from this site. Such a small world.

[Source: Officer “Smith”]

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